The best quotes from the 11th episode of season 6 Supernatural.

#20 “Don’t roll your eyes Dean, it’s impolite.”

-Death to Dean

#19 “Are you being serious?”

Dean: “Are you being serious?”
Death: “No, I’m being incredibly sarcastic.”

#18 “I thought for sure Death had you by the twins.”

-Dr. Robert’s colorful way of expressing fear for Dean’s life

#17 “Wow, they just let any slack-jawed haircut be Death these days.”

-Tessa to Dean

#16 “Well here’s one for the list of dumbest things ever: Summon the angel who wants to kill you.”

-Balthazar to Sam

#15 “Michael and Luci are hate-banging it as we speak.”

-Balthazar to Sam about what Michael and Lucifer are doing with Sam’s soul

#14 “I’m not a fan of your brother, so screwing him would delight me.”

-Balthazar to Sam

#13 “You mean like ‘How did Betty White outlast me?’”

-Dean on the kinds of questions recently dead people might ask him

#12 “Mostly because you’re a dick. Enjoy the ride down, pal. Trust me son, it gets hot.”

-Dean to the robber on why he died

#11 “It was good, though”

Dead Guy (after dying from a heart attack): “Why?”
Dean: “You think maybe it was the extra cheese?”
Dead Guy: “Yeah. It was good, though.”

#10 “A Kansas song?”

Dead Guy: “Can you tell me what it all means?”
Dean: “Everything is dust in the wind.”
Dead Guy: “That’s it? A Kansas song?”

#9 “I may have been born at night, boy, but it wasn’t last night.”

-Bobby to Sam after Sam tried to do a sneak attack on him

#8 “Don’t say ‘Here’s Johnny!’”

-Bobby to Sam after he uses an axe to chop through the door

#7 “Ain’t nobody killing me in my house but me.”

-Bobby while being stalked by Sam

#6 “Natural order’s stupid.”

-Little Girl after dying

#5 “What’s with you and cheap food?”

-Dean to Death

#4 “The human soul is not a rubber ball. It’s vulnerable, impermanent, but stronger than you know and more valuable than you can image.”


#3 “You and your brother keep coming back. You’re an affront to the balance of the universe and you cause disruption on a global scale.”

-Death to Dean

#2 “It’s about the souls. You’ll understand when you need to.”

-Death’s cryptic message about why he needs Dean and Sam around

#1 “Now Sam, I’m going to put up a barrier inside your mind. You might feel a little itchy. Do me a favor: Don’t scratch the wall, because, trust me, you’re not gonna like what happens.”

-Death to Sam before giving him his soul back

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