Do you want to be on Smallville? Now you can be. For the show’s final season, the show is sponsoring a super contest called Believe in Heroes where fans can win the chance to appear on the show’s February 4 episode, “Beacon.”

The contest runs from now until Monday, December 20 and fans need to submit videos of themselves explaining why it’s important to believe in heroes. In the episode, Clark will gain inspiration in the heroes’ cause by watching a series of online video clips of ordinary citizens of Metropolis and the world showing their support for heroes like The Blur. Producers will look through all the fan submissions and choose the best ones to be a part of Clark’s viewing montage.

To enter the contest, go to the CW’s official Smallville page for all the rules and to submit your video.

The winning videos will be a part of Smallville‘s final season. So turn the camera on yourself and tell the world why it’s important to believe in heroes like The Blur.

(Image courtesy of the CW)

John Kubicek

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