During the TCA Press Tour FOX party, I asked Jesse Spencer for a minute of his time and he graciously gave me eight.  We spoke about the future of Chase, who would be the next Dean of Medicine at PPTH and what Spencer would like to do after the end of House

Spencer started the interview by telling me he was basically sworn to secrecy about any plot lines of the show, so I did the best I could trying to get him to slip up.  I first asked him what he’d like to see happen for Chase, especially if this was the last season of House.  He said he’d love for Chase to get caught for what he did to Dibala (remember when he killed the African dictator?), but then to be a fugitive of the law and drive off to Mexico.  I asked if Thirteen might accompany him across the border, but Spencer said it was “never going to happen.”

Would Spencer ever want to see his character back together with Jennifer Morrison’s Cameron?  He’s not opposed to the idea of her coming back, but knows it’s practically impossible because of logistics since Morrison has a new show (Once Upon a Time) on ABC.  He would enjoy seeing some more maturity from his character and has noticed growth in Chase.

Now, for the big news!  When I asked Spencer if he was going to be the new Dean of Medicine, he confirmed that it would in fact, be him!  And then he retracted by saying, “Well, you know, I’d like to be the new Dean.”  I let Spencer know jokingly that he effectively killed the headline of my article, and then he quipped, “Well, you know, ‘like’ is code…”  I don’t know about how anyone else feels, but Spencer is my first choice for Dean of Medicine.  House and him respect one another, Foreman already had a shot and screwed it up, and if Wilson gets the position, well, I don’t even want to go there.  So you heard it here first, Chase might be Dean.  You’re welcome!

When I asked Spencer about Lisa Edelstein’s departure, he mused, “It’s really sad, we lost Jen a couple years ago…you know it’s sad when someone’s there from the original cast and we’re all in it together.  Great cast, always gotten along very well, we actually like each other, which is apparently rare.  Lisa’s great, really sad to lose her.  She’ll do really well.  She’s very talented…It’s a sad departure, but she’ll be fine.”  I mentioned to Spencer that according to every other television cast that has ever spoken about their family-like rapport, it doesn’t seem so rare.  He laughed, and said “I know better.” 

And what about his favorite risky hobby of surfing?  When I asked him if he’d ever been injured, he pulled up the back of his shirt to show me a gnarly scar.  Spencer said that he can’t be stopped now that he’s rediscovered his love of the sport. 

After I asked Spencer about the ending, he said, “You know, I’ve been wondering the same thing.  Um, it will probably be a bittersweet ending.  It’s not going to end with House being cured of his issues…going to be dramatic and something big will happen.” 

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So what’s next for Spencer?  What’s going to happen when House ends?  Spencer wants to work in Australia again someday and would love to do film or another TV series.  He especially loves the consistency of a television series.  I suggested something on HBO and Spencer was quick to say yes.  So in other words, look for him anywhere and everywhere once House ends. 

Talking to Spencer was a pleasure!  He was hilarious, kind, and fun to be around.  And that’s all I’ll say since I’m attempting to maintain my professionalism.  Continue following @BuddyTV and @TVTherapy for more on television news. 

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Lisa Palmer

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV