Well, here we are — in the neverending quest to add more students to McKinley High, we have reached the finale of The Glee Project. Sure, not all of us were into it, and some of us who were are left a bit disappointed (why, oh why, oh why did Ryan Murphy eliminate all but one lady?) but the four gleeky wannabes that remain aren’t so bad. And at least one of them will appear on at least seven episodes of Glee season 3, so it’s our duty to welcome them with open arms.

And since we’re an imaginative bunch, as proven by last week’s Gleeks React, we thought of asking you this: what role would be perfect for The Glee Project‘s final four? You answered via Twitter and Facebook, and we have the best of your responses. And then some.

On last week’s episode, nobody went home — but it was quite clear that Samuel will win. I always got this good vibe from him, and as John pointed out in his recap, his dreadlocked character could sit well with Quinn’s rebellious pink streak. But there’s Ian Brennan already writing a goofy exchange between Damien and Brittany, so the Irish guy could win, too.

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But what about the other two? We’ll start with them:

Who Should Lindsay Play?

Ahh, Lindsay. Okay singer, okay actress, gorgeous eyes.

Mary Catheryne Torrez-Watson: “Lindsay would be the goody-good girl, the one who gets good grades and never does any wrong.”

Briana Mi’chale: “I see Lindsay as the mean girl [who] would try to take Quinn’s spot as head cheerleader since she’s not there anymore. She’d be the new schemer [who] would try to come between Rachel and Finn.”

Ayanna Renovato: “I think Lindsay should play a girl from the farm and all she wants [is] to sing and be popular. All the glee members know she can’t be in [glee club] and be popular so Ashley [Lindsay’s character] tries out for the Cheerios and makes head captain. And she also starts to fall in love with Artie.”

Nice window for a Brittana reunion there, Ayanna. But I did notice that all the suggestions are along the lines of Rachel or Quinn. Hmm. Not a good chance there, Lindsay. Can I just gaze at your eyes again?

Who Should Alex Play?

Alex has split opinion from the beginning, perhaps because of his diva attitude — but for me, it’s because I don’t see how different he can be from Kurt and Mercedes. Unless, of course, Ryan Murphy wants to make lightning strike twice.

Rebecca Snell: “Alex?”

Natalli Wilson: “Who’s Alex?”

Yes, these are actual replies we got on Facebook.

Natalie Dean Caviness: “Obviously you guys don’t watch The Glee Project or you would definitely know who Alex is.”

Okay, then. On to the roles.

Ashley Vickers: “Nothing.”

Come on. No roles?

Natalie Dean Caviness: “I think he would be a great freshman that is a cross between Mercedes and Kurt. The two of them could take him under their wings and show him the ropes. Could be cute!”

Dylan Knifechief Tiger: “I would like him to be the potential boyfriend of Mercedes after Sam leaves, then he goes on this romance-searching with Kurt or even Blaine, maybe one of the others, with Mercedes chasing after him the whole time. Then she’ll go apes— on him, too.”

Dylan, if not for the fact that Mercedes has a new boyfriend and nobody wants to break Klaine apart, I’d say “good story!” But maybe for Karofsky… that would be funny, yes?

@ShionDaro: “Maybe Mercedes’ brother? And friend of Kurt… or just the new Mercedes. But not the new Kurt!”

@Bishmahruqi: “I liked the idea of Kurt and Mercedes’ love child, and them fighting over who gets to spend more time with him!”

Love child already?

Who Should Damien Play?

Front-runner number one: Damien. You gleeks have an overwhelming suggestion:

Breanna Garcia: “Finn’s cousin.”

Ashley Martin: “Finn’s cousin would be epic!”

@Shiondaro: “Like Ryan [Murphy] said, he is perfect [as] the next Finn!”

Ayanna Renovato: “Actually he should be Finn’s cousin Tyler, and [he] is falling for Rachel.”

I find it funny how many people want Finchel together, but dislike Finn, and actually want them apart. I’m confused. Anyway.

Carol Jean Kamenish: “Damien needs to play an angry Scottish soccer hooligan, in town while his dad works for a Lima industrial firm. He would clash with the football players claiming he only plays ‘real football’. But he and Puck would bond over their common trends towards crime, low grades, and of course, singing. Santana and Sugar could fight over him.”

And I imagine Lauren, too, would find Damien’s character more badass than Puck.

Anica Miller: “Damien should be a Warbler who Blaine gets jealous of because he is taking up his spotlight as lead Warbler.”

Lamia Comiquee: “Yeah, Finn’s cousin who’s also a Warbler, and taking Blaine’s spotlight, and spending some time with Kurt, so … Blaine can be jealous.”

Fine. Finn’s cousin, then.

Who Should Samuel Play?

Now, the answers here are interesting…

Ayanna Renovato: “I don’t want Samuel on Glee. If he gets the role, I will stop watching.”

Natalie Dean Caviness: “I don’t think Samuel would ruin Glee, but I do agree that Hannah would’ve been awesome.”

Katrina Mack Noecker: “I can’t see Samuel on Glee. He seems way ‘too cool for school’. Not as a [member of] New Directions at least. Also, his look is so one-dimensional, he looks the same no matter what he’s singing. It’s always with the squinty eyes. Maybe they could cast him as the new cool kid. Besides that, I can’t see a place for him.”

So, cool kid, outside McKinley High, who Quinn spots… and encourages her to smoke…

Lamia Comiquee: “The sexy badass who rules everything. Samuel is not my favorite but I love his style.”

@Kendal_: “Would love to see Samuel as Quinn’s new boyfriend. He could be her Christian rocker.”

Yasmin Sweet: “If he will be on Glee, he [could be] a character that is made fun of because of his hair.”

And that wraps it all up. I’m surprised I didn’t see as much of a consensus on Samuel as I did on Damien. And I haven’t asked you guys yet about the other Glee Project contestants (Cameron, you’re much missed, I’d like to think). So which Glee Project finalist would be perfect for which role on Glee? The comments area is yours.

Also, we’ll have our recap of the Glee Project finale this Sunday, and we’ll have more coverage on Twitter and Facebook. And then, the countdown to season 3 begins. Tick, tock, tick, tock…

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