This fall, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans are going to be very, very happy. A number of the shows stars are already on major TV shows, and now, two more stars of the iconic series are going to guest star on the CW’s Supernatural.

According to TVLine, Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters (aka Cordelia and Spike from Buffy and Angel) will both guest star on the fifth episode of Supernatural season 7 titled “Shut Up, Dr. Phil” (which is a little nicer than calling Criss Angel a douchebag, but not by much). They will play a married couple much like the one on Bewitched, where Carpenter plays a witch who gets wronged and takes her wrath out on her town.

Buffy alums are no strangers to Supernatural. Amber Benson and Mercedes McNab have both played vampires, and Angel star Amy Acker guest starred on the first season of Supernatural.

The casting news also increases the number of Buffy veterans on TV. David Boreanaz, Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green are on Bones, How I Met Your Mother and Family Guy. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Anthony Stewart Head are returning to TV in the CW’s Ringer and NBC’s Free Agents, respectively. And right now Michelle Trachtenberg is on Weeds and Marc Blucas is on USA’s Necessary Roughness. That’s a whole lot of Buffy love on TV.

On a scale from 9-10, how excited are you for Cordelia and Spike on Supernatural?

Source: TVLine
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