Obviously, there are going to be some changes on Castle when it returns this fall for season 4. Captain Montgomery (RIP!) is gone, replaced with a new boss. Beckett has been shot and might not make it (however, SPOILER ALERT, more on that below). And Castle has professed his love, finally, to a possibly unconscious Beckett.

Change is inevitable. But what forms will that change take? According to some new bits of spoilery news, the new Castle captain will bring in a lot of that change. And a possible new love interest for one Rick Castle will bring even more.

Meet the New Captain
Thanks to an article from TVGuide.com, we can get our first glimpse of Castle‘s new Captain Victoria Gates:


While the main subject of the photo isn’t doing too much of note, it’s much more interesting to see who she is talking to. Obviously, that’s Beckett. Standing. At the police station.

So I guess she survives.

The same article with the photo also gave a bit of a scoop on Captain Gates initial meeting with Beckett. According to Penny Johnson Jerald, the Captain’s first line to Beckett (in episode 1 of season 4) is: “If my mother came by, you can call her ‘Ma’am,’ but you will call me ‘Sir’ or ‘Captain.'”

Honestly, that should work for Beckett. She seems to like a little formality at work.

Captain Gates, meanwhile, is expected to want even more formality. In addition to seriously questioning what the heck Castle is doing there in the first place, we can expect her to crack down on some of the playfulness and banter that normally goes on in the precinct. Penny Johnson Jerald explains, “Our last captain was like a nurturing father figure, but my character’s a little different in that she has eyes in the back of her head and won’t let them get away with anything. There may be a little shaking up going on at the very beginning.”

New Love for Castle?
Unfortunately for any Caskett shippers out there, Castle’s season-3 declaration of love may already be doomed. Not that this is a surprise, considering that all connected with the show have made it clear that they’re going to string us along for ages.

But will Castle move on from Beckett quickly? It sounds like he might.

According to a spoiler reported by TVLine.com, the show will soon be casting the recurring role of an art-insurance investigator — and there will be a mutual attraction between the lady and Rick Castle. I suppose a “gorgeous, sexy, sophisticated” woman with “a surprising past” is a decent substitute to pass the time. You know, assuming that Beckett does indeed reject Castle’s affections.

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Are you surprised to see Beckett back? What do you think of the new captain? Can you handle Castle moving on to another woman? Let us know below!

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