Although it will still be months and months (two or so months anyway) until Bones returns for season 7, work has already begun on the show’s production. This means guest stars. And one of those guest stars will be Morgan Fairchild.

According to a report released by, Morgan Fairchild is scheduled to appear on the third episode of the upcoming season. She will be playing the character of Bianca, the CEO of a toy company. After one of Bianca’s employees is found dead, the team at the Jeffersonian has to piece together exactly what happens.

They will also, presumably, have many discussions about the appropriateness and desirability of certain toys. Brennan, after all, revealed that her idea of a “stuffed animal” involved creepy taxidermy. Let’s hope the upcoming Booth-Brennan baby gets some better toys to play with!

Morgan Fairchild’s character, Bianca, is described as “intelligent” and “impeccably dressed.” That fits an actress who came to fame on prime-time soap operas like Dallas and Falcon Crest. More recently, Fairchild has been known for guest-starring work, appearing on shows like Chuck, The Bold and the Beautiful, Nip/Tuck and Two and a Half Men.

Morgan Fairchild is not the first casting announcement for Bones‘ seventh season. As we previously reported, Luke Kleintank has been cast in the recurring role of Finn Abernathy. Finn will be a new squintern (filling the vacancy left after the murder of Vincent Nigel-Murray last season), assisting Brennan at the Jeffersonian.

As for the rest of the season 7 guest stars on Bones, we will just have to wait for future announcements. But things are looking good so far.

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What do you think of the casting of Morgan Fairchild on Bones? Do you expect that the character of Bianca will be guilty, considering the fame of her portrayer? What mysteries would you like to see Bones solve in season 7? Leave your comments below!

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