Cody is the target for week 2 of Big Brother 19, but what about his showmance partner, Jessica? She stood by her man after he blindsided all of their allies by putting Christmas on the block and continued to support him long after. If Cody goes home, can Jessica recover?

It seems certain that Cody is going to be evicted in week 2 and Jessica will be left all alone. Unfortunately for her, she seems to have decided to go down with the ship. She has largely isolated herself with Cody for the past week, and being in toad costumes and Have-Nots doesn’t help.

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Jessica is definitely set up as a clear and obvious target in the immediate future. Even with Cody’s imminent eviction, she’s still standing by him and attacking others, most notably Josh and Christmas. Though she was close friends with Elena and Raven in the first weeks, those relationships seem damaged beyond repair.

And If you look at the history of Big Brother, it doesn’t look good for Jessica. This current situation most closely resembles Jeremy and Kaitlin from season 15. They were a showmance that thought they were running the house, but the first two votes didn’t go their way and they quickly found out they were on the bottom. In week 3 Jeremy was backdoored and evicted, then Kaitlin was gone the very next week.

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Jessica’s unwillingness to sever ties with Cody is completely ruining her game. After he leaves she has nothing and no one, and she doesn’t seem to be making any effort to change that. Her only really hope (other than winning HoH herself) is hoping that an outsider like Jason, Alex or Ramses wins it and targets the other showmances. That could give Jessica time to lay low and regroup. But more likely than not, Jessica will find herself on the block in week 3 and an easy target to be evicted.

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