After being on the block every week, besides the first night, Alex finally gained some control in the Big Brother 19 house. Alex won the endurance HoH competition and immediately made it clear that she wanted to make a big move. While Alex did flip between Mark and Dominique as her main target of the week, she eventually settled on Dominique … after much urging by Paul. Getting rid of Dominique (or trying to) is certainly a big move but it might not be the right one in the game, at least not Alex’s game.

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Two Different Types of Games and Players

Dominique is certainly a threat in the house. Though she hasn’t gotten much screen time in the broadcast episodes — instead, most of that time was devoted to Cody’s antics and the “tragedy” of him leaving Jessica in the house alone — Dominique has had a pretty strong social game. Dominique was someone that people liked and trusted before week 3. Dominique is charming, charismatic and was in a position of power before being nominated. Someone like Dominque is far more threatening and scary in the game than someone like Jessica who was the “easy” target for week 3 and a perpetual whiner. 

At the same time, nothing about Dominque threatens Alex’s personal game. Alex is not playing a very social game in Big Brother 19. Alex’s social game isn’t terrible as she seems to be quite well liked and respected. Alex just isn’t the type of player who is trying to make it far on her social interactions. Alex is the type of player who wants to dominate competitions and form strong alliances, she is not interested in being everyone’s friend like Dominique.  

Dominique is in no way a hindrance to Alex. She might have some strong alliances but Dominique is (or was) just one solo member in an alliance of showmances or strong duos. Dominique has never shown much aptitude for the competitions, either being out very quickly or not competing at all. Dominique in no way threatens what Alex has tried to do in the game and in all honestly Dominique probably could help Alex in the long run. As a solo member in an alliance full of duos, Dominique can likely gain a lot more working with Alex than anyone else in her current alliance, especially towards the end of the game. Dominique and Alex could have become a very strong final two and it would have been a perfect alliance for them both. The person that Dominique really threatens is Alex’s actual secret partner in the Big Brother 19 house, Paul. 

This Is NOT Friendship

It was exhausting to listen to Cody talk about Paul as the only other alpha in the house but Cody was not wrong about Paul playing the second most aggressive game this season. Even more than his first time in the Big Brother house, Paul has been much more active and ambitious. Paul wants to win and he is doing everything to make that happen. Paul is taking his strategy from Big Brother 18 and dialing it up to an insane degree. Paul is dominating competitions, taking out his targets and still trying to be everyone’s friend. It is a strategy that is so far working but it is also one that is in jeopardy by Dominique’s actions.

Dominique obviously scares Paul and he is doing everything to try to discredit and bring her down. Dominique is playing an almost identical game to Paul and there is nothing that threatens Paul more in the house than another social player. Paul consistently went after social threats in Big Brother 18 like Da’Vonne, Natalie, James and even Victor to some extent. Now he is doing the exact same thing to Dominique. Paul has convinced everyone that Dominique is the real threat and everyone seems to be buying it hook, line and sinker.

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If Dominique does go however, it is only going to really benefit Paul. This is Paul’s last week of safety and he is using to take out his biggest threat. It’s a smart move but only if it works. By targeting Dominique, Paul has just shown his true aggressive colors to his alliance and Alex. Taking out Dominique will give Paul yet another advantage and with the first temptation he already has received too many leg-ups in the game. Paul has become the biggest threat in the house and the houseguests would be wise to keep Dominique around so they can use her to finally take down Paul. Sadly no one seems to be catching on to the plan, especially not the person who can change things, Head of Household Alex.

But what do you think? Is Dominique a real threat to Alex’s game? Is Alex’s HoH really just becoming Paul’s second week in control? Who do you think the house should keep? Would getting rid of Jessica be a waste? 

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