Who will Ted end up with?  That’s a mystery that will only be resolved when How I Met Your Mother wraps up a couple of years from now but that doesn’t mean that the cast of the hit CBS sitcom can’t say who they are rooting for.  In an interview with CBS station KCBS-TV’s Jenn McBride, Alyson Hannigan (Lily Aldrin), Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson), Josh Radnor (Ted Mosby) and Jason Segel (Marshall Erikson) revealed their ideas on the mother of Ted’s children.

Hannigan, who plays a kindergarten teacher and wife of Marshall, is rooting for Jennifer Aniston, actress who rocketed to fame for her role as Rachel on Friends.  While it would be interesting to see “a stellar combination of two of the best comedies of all time,” that’s not what Harris wants for his on-screen wingman.  In true Barney Stinson-style, Harris is proposing that Ted would end up with an adult film star such as Jenna Jameson.

Segel, on the other hand, is hoping that his character’s best friend would end up with someone just like Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), a sentiment he shares with most fans of How I Met Your Mother.

“I don’t know who the wife is going to be, but I think the Robin-type is kinda the right kind of girl: smart, sassy, sweet,” Segel said.

As for Ted, who was ditched by Stella (Sarah Chalke) just before their wedding earlier this season, Radnor wishes that his character would end up with “someone awesome.”

“After what he’s been through, he deserves someone great,” Radnor said.

For now, How I Met Your Mother is diverting fans’ attention by offering a few adventures and twists along the way, including Barney harboring romantic feelings for Robin.

“It’s a possibility.  Yeah, we definitely touch upon that this season.  He realizes that he is sort of feeling these things and they’re not going away and they will develop toward the end,” Smulders hinted.

How I Met Your Mother airs every Monday at 8:30 on CBS.

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