Disney tween queen Miley Cyrus is in trouble over a tasteless personal photo, again. While Miley may have learned her lesson about taking sexy cell phone photos, it would seem she hasn’t learned the larger lesson of avoiding cameras all together.

Seriously, when a Vanity Fair shoot with Annie Leibovitz becomes a full blown scandal…it is time to step away from the camera. Today Miley finds herself in trouble over personal photos where she is ‘slanting her eyes’ with a group of friends and boyfriend Justin Gaston.

The latest round of offensive photos of the teen sensation leaked yesterday. Members of the Asian American community are asking for a public apology from the Disney star. The OCA an organization that advances the rights of Asian Americans has released a statement regarding the photo. “The photograph of Miley Cyrus and other individuals slanting their eyes currently circulating the Internet is offensive to the Asian Pacific American community and sets a terrible example for her many young fans. This image falls within a long and unfortunate history of people mocking and denigrating individuals of Asian descent. Not only has Miley Cyrus and the other individuals in the photograph encouraged and legitimized the taunting and mocking of people of Asian descent, she has also insulted her many Asian Pacific American fans.” George Wu, the executive director of the OCA went on to call for a public apology from Miley. “The OCA hopes that Miley Cyrus will apologize to her fans and the APA community for this lapse in judgment and takes the opportunity to better understand why the gesture is offensive.”

No word yet from Disney or the star herself about the photo, but we foresee an apology coming soon. If Miley was forced to apologize for an artsy shot with one of the best photographers in the world, surely she should have to apologize for a photo that is actually offensive and racist. After her apology, we recommend that Miley’s minders do a thorough sweep for any and all cameras before the teen sensation goes anywhere. With this photo, as well as many photos before it, Miley has proved she is not to be trusted around a camera.


Miley has taken to her official web-site to address the controversy. Here’s what Miley had to say:

Ive also been told there are some people upset about some pictures taken of me with friends making goofy faces! Well, I’m sorry if those people looked at those pics and took them wrong and out of context!

In NO way was I making fun of any ethnicity! I was simply making a goofy
face. When did that become newsworthy? It seems someone is trying to make something out of nothing to me. If that would of been anyone else, it would of been overlooked! I definitely feel like the press is trying to make me out as the new ‘BAD GIRL’!”

I feel like now that Britney is back on top of her game again, they need someone to pick on! Lucky me! haha Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know what is on my heart. You guys know me and have been by my side every step of the way!

You guys know my heart and know the most important things to me are my friends, family, fans, and GOD! In NO WAY do I want to disappoint any of you! But, when I have made mistakes in the past, I feel like I’ve owned up to them and apologized.”

Do you think Miley’s statement is enough, even though she didn’t apologize per se?

Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Abbey Simmons

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