Gabriella and Sharpay already come from two opposing universes, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to the High School Musical actors who portrayed them. Although the characters they’ll be playing next might make us think again. Both Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale have landed a couple of new projects, such as the highly anticipated Sucker Punch and the Tom Welling-produced Hellcats.

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Vanessa Talks to Nylon
On her recent photo shoot and interview for Nylon magazine, actress Vanessa Hudgens discussed just what her new role entails. It’s certainly light years away from what her High School Musical character is known for.

“At one point, we all play hookers,” Hudgens revealed. “And there are burlesque shows! I do a belly dance in the most amazing belly-dance costume you have ever seen in your life… Watch me in Sucker Punch, and you’ll be afraid of me.”

That’s definitely no Gabriella Montez, but the star also revealed how much she used to be like her Disney character in the past. It was like she was the new kid every time, and hardly anyone welcomed her in. Showbiz Spy reports her saying, “I was totally the girl who had no friends at [playtime]. While everyone else was playing, I would sit on the lawn and stare up at the clouds.”

Well, that obviously changed when she landed acting gigs.

Ashley Goes to Hellcats
While her co-star is off kicking butt, Ashley Tisdale is kicking on the air with every cheer she performs for the new CW drama Hellcats. The 24-year-old actress was spotted filming a number of scenes in Vancouver, Canada recently, and the Daily Mail snapped photos of the now-brunette star in her role.

Tisdale also posted several updates of her progress on her Twitter account, which said, “Hellcats!! Shooting my big cheer number today!!!!!” She also pointed out the long hours of filming, but couldn’t help but add that it was “so much fun.”

Her return, however, marks another big project. “Off to my fitting for the Sharpay movie…oh boy here we go again lol! Can’t wait to see all the PINK stuff,” she revealed.

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