It took this long for us to keep up with High School Musical star Lucas Grabeel, but it’s lucky we did.  Stumbling upon his recent effort, a webseries titled I Kissed a Vampire, is an eerily appropriate incident given the date today.  But let’s not go there right now.

Reuters reports that Grabeel isn’t the only Disney star who’s involved in this production, which is billed as a “rock musical” about the classic bloodsuckers of lore.  Joining him is Drew Seeley, the “singing voice” of Troy Bolton.  And given the sudden boom and buzz about vampires, it’s only fitting that these two cash in.

I Kissed a Vampire also stars newcomer Adrian Slade who plays Sara, the girl who becomes the love interest of Grabeel’s character Dylan.  The story revolves around Dylan’s transformation into an undead creature of the night, fighting his urges to sink his teeth into the girl of his dreams.  He does his best to settle his budding romance with her while his vampire mentor Trey (Drew Seeley) tells him to just give in to his vampiric nature.

You can catch clips on the series’ official website, but the actual episodes have to be downloaded exclusively on the iTunes store.  Even though we missed the New York premiere screening of I Kissed a Vampire, the series is still up and running.

Lucas Grabeel talked to MTV about how this project differs from Twilight, and it really does given how the High School Musical star hasn’t even seen that movie.  “I’m actually pretty bad about pop culture,” he admitted.  Why, the guy doesn’t even know who Robert Pattinson is.

“I’m more of the old school,” Lucas explained.  “You know, Tom Cruise’ ‘Interview with the Vampire,’ Bram Stoker’s original ‘Dracula’.  Those kinds of vampire movies.”

Well, whether or not this series could work, you can decide for yourself.  Check out this trailer for I Kissed a Vampire below.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV News, Reuters
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