Sharpay Evans is all about show business, and things have looked good so far.  For actress Ashley Tisdale, however, things have been getting even better.

While High School Musical has been (and still is) such a money-making venture, the stars need other activities to keep their careers on top.  That’s one reason why the 24-year-old celebrity has inked the deal to become a producer for television shows.

With her experience acting in that area, can she pull off the producer role?  According to Variety, she already has.

Ashley Tisdale, who already started her own company Blondie Girl Prods. last year, has already signed with RelativityReal.  It’s a division of Ryan Kavanaugh’s Relativity Media, a branch which deals mainly with reality/alternative programming.

The High School Musical star will apparently be given the job “to create, develop and exec produce new series for broadcast and cable networks.”  As to what she has planned, she won’t say yet.  But her Twitter account seems to be hinting at some project in the works.

“Starting off at the gym then heading to my new office for Blondie girl productions!!!!” she wrote.

On a previous interview with MTV News, Tisdale explained her production endeavors and what she’s planning to come up with.  “Right now I have a production company called Blondie Girl productions, so I’ve been in the middle of creating shows,” she said at the time.  “We have a reality show that we’ve been working on. I’m not involved in any of the stuff [on air], but yeah it’s a lot of fun.  It’s definitely different than acting and singing.  It’s cool.”

Joining Ashley Tisdale on Blondie Girl Prods. is her producing partner Jessica Horowitz.  The two of them formed the company two years ago, thinking up family-friendly content that mostly star the High School Musical actress herself.

This could really be just the beginning for Ashley Tisdale, who’s also famous for being a recording artist.  She could go a long way.  Even RelativityReal CEO Tom Forman thinks she’s “the very definition of a multitalented artist with unique insight into young demographics.”

Source: Variety, MTV News
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