Last Monday was a remarkable day for many High School Musical fans, or even those who are just fans of the birthday boy Zac Efron.  He turned 22 last October 18, and we found out he celebrated it a couple days earlier with his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

Gossip Center reports that the two were spotted attending a Vancouver Giants hockey game in Vancouver, Canada on Friday.  They were joined by some friends in a box suite and cheered on, as their team defeated the Prince George Cougars.

In usual Hollywood style, Zac and Vanessa arrived at the venue in a chauffeured car and found their way into the arena through a back entrance.  They obviously didn’t want to be disturbed, but weren’t that hidden for paparazzi to snap a few shots of them.  Vanessa was even noted for wearing a Giants jersey that had her last name on the back.

Apparently, the High School Musical star who’s bound to appear in this year’s anticipated film Me and Orson Welles knows his way through the dating scene very well.  Whether or not he’s not busy with hockey dates for Vanessa, he knows just how to make her happy.

On his interview featured on Nylon Guys November issue, the actor revealed a few tips on dating that he’s followed faithfully.  If a movie is something he hates but she wants to see, he puts her wishes before his.  Faking excitement?  Hmm, it’s not something a lot of people would approve of, but it seems to work for this star.  He is, after all, Zac Efron.

“A good date movie is anything she wants to see, but the key is pretending like you’re really excited,” Efron explained.  “The movies is one of the best places to go ’cause it’s dark, and everybody’s faced in one direction, and the movie’s far more interesting than me.  It’s one of my favorite places to go these days.”

Maybe it’s also a good hiding place from the press.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Gossip Center, Nylon Magazine, MTV News
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Maria Gonzalez

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