Maybe it’s a matter of changing one’s standards, but Zac Efron has admitted that he isn’t as fond of his previous movies as he initially was.  Now that he’s moved on from High School Musical, he’s looking for something fresh and new regarding his roles.  But did he really just flat-out slam his old films?

Efron recently appeared on the cover of the latest issue of Nylon Guys magazine and discussed his experience watching Me and Orson Welles.  He stars in the Richard Linklater-directed movie as the protagonist Richard Samuels.  In the film, he convinces theatre director Orson Welles (Christian McKay) to cast him as Lucius in his Broadway production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

The 21-year-old actor revealed to the publication that seeing himself on Me and Orson Welles was exhilarating, as compared to his previous films.  “It’s the first time I’ve ever watched a movie I’m in and at the end I’m like, ‘OK! I didn’t check my watch once,'” Efron said.

While he doesn’t directly insult High School Musical and his other efforts, he’s definitely proud of what he’s done on this drama, in which he co-stars with Claire Danes.  Maybe another reason why he isn’t too fond of his involvement with the Disney song-and-dance production is his parents.

Efron recalled that as a kid, he was reprimanded for belting out tunes at random.  “I was constantly singing,” he revealed.  “I would hear things on the radio and just be about to spit them out instantly, with perfect memorization and tone.  My parents were like, ‘Shut up.  Please stop singing.  It’s annoying’.”

Then again, all that singing has gotten him to where he is now.  He may be bored with High School Musical, but it’s only because he’s found himself a better place in the entertainment industry.

If the trailer of Me and Orson Welles below doesn’t make you rethink your opinion of Efron’s performance in the Disney movies, then maybe you better stick to his earlier work.  It only means that unlike him, most of us can’t graduate from High School Musical that easily.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Digital Spy
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