There’s usually a significant story behind every tattoo, and Miley Cyrus has one of her own to tell.  The star of Disney’s Hannah Montana recently caused yet another bout of controversy with news of her getting inked, and under her left breast no less.  We couldn’t quite figure out what those words said, and what it meant to her until now.

Miley Cyrus was spotted last week sunbathing in Florida.  But the paparazzi photos hardly did any justice to what was scrawled in black near her chest.  Apparently, the words “Just Breathe” has been tattooed on the 17-year-old actress’ ribcage.

Now, it’s not just another song by the hit-making star.  It’s probably not homage to Lindsay Lohan, who has “breathe” inked on her wrist.  Celeblogger Perez Hilton says the tattoo is supposedly a tribute to Miley’s friend Vanessa, who lost her life because of cystic fibrosis.

“Just breathe” is supposedly the slogan of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, an organization that Miley Cyrus supported ever since she bonded with a 9-year-old girl she met at a Los Angeles hospital.  Vanessa passed away in 2007 and this is just the star’s way of remembering her.

Despite the heartwarming tale, there’s still the question of the tattoo’s position.  Well, it is close to the lung region so that could be one reason for it.  Some fans also pointed out that it’s close to the heart.

Still, representatives for Miley haven’t declared whether or not her tattoo is indeed permanent.  We may find out soon enough, but with her brother Trace being an advocate of ink, we’re pretty sure his sister’s gone that way too.

Before we hear any more announcements regarding those words underneath Miley Cyrus‘ left breast, let’s check out some of her other projects.  She’s been busy gearing up for several shows in Europe, staying in the UK rehearsing for the 2009 Royal Variety performance.  Gossip Center says even the Queen will be in attendance to watch.

Other than that, Miley’s going to spend the holidays overseas for the Wonder World gigs, which will end on December 27 in Manchester.  With all that’s on her busy schedule, that tattoo of hers will definitely come in handy.

Source:, Gossip Center
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