Tonight’s The Office had a few laughs (relatively), and for a minute there, I forgot I was watching a comedy. It was alternately depressing and infuriating, and the punch lines were few and far between (notably the final scene involving Ryan and an unsubtly labeled plan).

On the episode of the NBC comedy, Michael (Steve Carell) had to face the consequences of his actions when he had to face a promise he made with a bunch of third graders ten years ago. Apparently, he promised a bunch of kids then – now called Scott’s Tots – that he’d take care of their college tuition.

Inspired by this generosity, the kids finished high school and gave Michael a nice little welcome on their school, complete with speeches and a performance. But alas, Michael said he overestimated his wealth ten years hence and he’s not even close to being a millionaire. Bottom line? He brought everyone packs of batteries in lieu of tuition. Of course, all hell broke loose.

Back on Dunder Mifflin, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) forged on with his Destroy Jim Halpert Plan (later on, we get to know the official name of the project – My Diabolical Plan, by Dwight Schrute). He kind of pushed Jim (John Krasinski) – via a clueless Andy (Ed Helms) – to start an employee of the month program. Only, he made sure that Jim himself would win the whole thing, even having a custom cake delivered to the office at the exact same moment to make it seem like it was planned all along.

Jim’s remedy to this was to give the monetary prize (which Dwight collected from everyone without unbeknownst to Jim) to the next name on the rankings, but alas, that turned out to be Pam (Jenna Fischer) so things looked even more suspicious. As a final nail on the coffin, Dwight mimicked everyone’s voices and called David Wallace’s office to complain about this scheme.

David, however, wasn’t too concerned, and this further irked evil Dwight. In the end, though, finding Dwight’s carefully bound My Diabolical Plan, Ryan (B.J. Novak) wanted in, and they shook their hands to cement the deal.

What is up with Jim, though? Why is he letting Dwight run over him like this?

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Glenn Diaz

Staff Writer, BuddyTV