Grey’s Anatomy begins Season 10 on Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9pm on ABC. Last season’s finale left fans with a lot of questions and we’ve managed to dig up answers about what will be happening with Cristina and Owen, Jo and Alex, Chief Webber and more as the new season begins. 

Picking Up Where Things Left Off

he season finale left a lot of things up in the air and more than one character in danger. Star Kevin McKidd told the Huffington Post that fans can expect the premiere to jump straight back into the action.  

“Basically we’re doing what we didn’t do last year, which is picking up right from the point where we left off. The last few years we’ve kind of jumped around a lot through time, and this one we’re just going to pick up where we left off. It’s one of those premieres where if you watched the [Season 9] finale, you have to watch the Season 10 opener.”

Poor Chief Webber

Speaking of characters left in peril at the end of the finale, what will happen with Chief Webber? Will he survive? Star Sarah Drew spoke to TV Line about Webber’s fate, but didn’t give any details to those who are hoping he’ll be okay. “The sad little Chief is still face-down on the [basement] floor,” Drew said about Webber in the premiere. 

Enraged Callie is Enraged

Last season’s finale saw Callie in a very angry place after discovering that her wife had cheated on her. Sara Ramirez spoke to the Huffington Post and said that Callie won’t be afraid to show those feelings in the season premiere. “Callie is enraged, pain, anger, hurt, devastation… and she’s not afraid to show it,” Ramirez said. “So she does not hide this from the rest of the hospital. She makes it loud and clear how she feels about it.”

April and Jackson: Will They or Won’t They? 

Star Sarah Drew alked TV Line about what April and Jackson will be going through during the premiere, and it doesn’t sound good for April. “Jackson proposed to her and she said yes, but then basically said no, and all of the sudden she just accepted a proposal [from EMT Matt, played by Justin Bruening]. But then Jackson almost dies and she decides now she wants him? Put yourself in his shoes – that’s gotta feel a little crappy!”

Alex and Jo are “crazy about each other and in love.”

One couple that could go in a positive direction this season is Alex and Jo. Camilla Luddington spoke to TV Line about where those two will be as Season 10 begins. “They are going to be exploring their relationship this season,” Luddington said. “I don’t trust Grey’s to make it all go perfectly, but I do know they are crazy about each other and in love.” 

Owen and Cristina: Where Do They Go From Here?

By now, every fan knows that Sandra Oh has announced that she will be leaving Grey’s Anatomy after Season 10. What will that mean to Cristina and Owen’s relationship? McKidd told Huffington Post that it’s going to be a challenging season for the on-again-off-again couple. 

“It’s tricky. He wants a baby, and he then decided that he didn’t want a baby because he loved her more than that, but she’s made this unilateral decision – again – to go, ‘Well, I know you better than you know yourself, and I know you need a baby.’ And she’s probably right, but it’s one of those things where, you know, does somebody else get to tell you how to live? Maybe he’s happy with that decision. So they’re going to wrestle with that,” McKidd revealed. 

But just because they’re fighting, don’t expect them not to end up in the sack together. this is Grey’s Anatomy after all. “I think he’s a bit behind her, but he catches up to her decision pretty quickly. They’re going to be in a place of not togetherness for a while. Does that mean that they’re not going to be attracted to each other and end up doing stupid things together? Probably not. The thing with Cristina and Owen is they’re always going to be connected. So it’s really complicated.” Owen will definitely be looking at a future with a child. “But Owen is definitely going to explore what it means to have a baby and start making moves towards that, later in the season I think,” McKidd said. “[Cristina is] going to encourage him to do that, even though she doesn’t want him to do that. It’s a push and a pull with them, always.”

McKidd told TV Guide that, no matter what happens, Cristina and Owen will always be connected. “I’ve been assured by the writers that what happens with them as far as their relationship status, they’re always going to be connected emotionally,” McKidd revealed. “So even if they’re not a couple, they’ll always be, in a way, a spiritual couple… and I’ll still get to work with her.”

Episode 8 Cliffhanger and a Character’s Return

In the interview with Huffington Post, McKidd also hinted at a big cliffhanger coming at the end of Episode 8. “They say there’s a big build-up to a pretty amazing cliffhanger for the 12th episode before we take our hiatus. A key character comes back in Episode 8 that plays into the cliffhanger in Episode 12,” McKidd revealed. 

When pressed for more details about this mysterious “key character” and if they were someone from the Grey’s past, McKidd only said, “Yep. Grey’s past-slash- present. Comes back. That’s all I’m saying … no ghosts though!” McKidd teased. 

Sounds like it’s going to be another exciting season! What are you most excited to see when Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 premieres next month?

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