Fans still have to wait a few weeks for the premiere of Bones Season 9, but in the meantime we’ve got a whole new batch of spoilers to keep whet your appetite until then. We’ve got news about Booth and Brennan’s wedding, new family and friends visiting the characters and even a brand-new preview video form FOX. 

Check out the Bones Season 9 preview video:

Here are a couple things learned from the preview:

Bones will be moving around a lot next season, but it’s nothing to worry about. 

In the video, stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel talk about how many times the series had moved around on the TV calendar. At this point, it’s been on nearly every day of the week and though season 9 will begin in its familiar 9pm on Monday spot, the show will move in November to Friday nights. But Deschanel and Boreanaz thank the fans for continuing to follow Bones wherever it goes. 

Expect a lot of surprises and changes within the characters in Season 9. 

Deschanel and Boreanaz also talk in the video about surprises and changes that are coming for some of the characters. While it’s unclear what surprises they are talking about, one of the changes seems to be for Sweets. It looks like he’s been out of touch with Booth for a while and off doing his own thing. 

Hodgins’ family comes to stir up trouble.

Our next bit of news is about Angela and Hodgins, well specifically Hodgins. TVLine reports that our favorite lab tech will have some trouble this season, thanks to a visit from a family member. “Hodgins is going to have to deal with a new family member,” said Executive Producer Stephen Nathan, “and that will impact both Hodgins and Angela and their relationship.” 

But just who is this family member? A brother? A sister? “I don’t want to say,” Nathan said. “The way it comes out is such a surprise; it’s somebody that he wouldn’t know.” One thing he would say is that fans can look for the family member to arrive within Season 9?s first 10 episodes.

In the same article, we also got a bit more information about that new job Sweets has picked up. Nathan said that when the show comes back for Season 9 Sweets is “trying to do something to help people avoid a criminal life. He’s working with kids in the inner city.” Don’t worry folks, word is that Sweets won’t be gone from the gang for long.

Brennan may know more than you think. 

At the end of last season, Booth turned down Brennan’s proposal and broke her heart. What she didn’t know was the Pelant forced Booth to do it. or does she? Inside TV reports that Brennan might know more about what’s happening with Booth than she realizes. 

Executive Producer Stephen Nathan said, “Someplace, I believe Brennan has a sense that Pelant is behind this. We will see – it might be subliminal or might be subconscious – she is going to set something in motion that might wrap up this conflict and crisis for their relationship.” 

When will Pelant appear and disappear?

Speaking of Pelant, TV Line reports that we will definitely see him in the first six episodes of the season (before the series takes a mini hiatus during FOX’s baseball coverage). About Pelant’s return Nathan said, “We wanted to make sure that we leave that first six with a very big episode,” exec producer Stephen Nathan says of the Oct. 21 outing, which may or may not revolve around menace-to-society Pelant. “I can tell you definitely that Pelant figures in very, very, very, very heavily within the first six episodes,” teases the EP. ” But where he appears and/or vanishes, I can’t really say at this point.”

Booth and Brennan are getting married! Details on the wedding. 

The cast and creators revealed at Comic-Con that Booth and Brennan will definitely get married in Season 9. TV Guide found out a few details about the ceremony when they interview Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz

Brennan may wear a traditional wedding gown. or not. “I didn’t even wear white at my own wedding. But it seems like Brennan’s willing to go more traditional because it means so much to Booth. She still might walk down the aisle in a Nigerian dress,” Deschanel said. 

No surprise who the maid of honor will be, but the best man may be a surprise to some fans. Asked who the maid of honor will be at Booth and Brennan’s wedding, Deschanel said, “Angela, her best friend, of course.”

Asked who Booth’s best man will be, Boreanaz said, “I talked to [executive producer] Hart Hanson, and I think it might be Booth’s former priest friend [House of Lies’ Mather Zickel], whom we’re going to meet in the first episode. And Booth’s son, Parker, should be there.

Deschanel added, “I’d also like to see Brennan’s dad, brother and cousin [played by real-life sis Zooey Deschanel]. And Cyndi Lauper’s psychic character should sing.”

So there you go, there are some of the spoilers that we’ve been able to dig up about Bones Season 9. Which stories are you most excited to see when the show returns this fall?

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