Whoa! Suits took a tragic and unexpected turn in “She’s Mine.” No one at Pearson Darby Specter seems to be able to catch a break ever … well anymore. Harvey was the firm’s closer and used to win every case by outsmarting and outplaying his opponent.

When Jessica decided to merge with Darby it created a divide with Harvey and brought a real stinker of a case. Jessica should dump Darby for sticking her with the Ava Hessington case. And, that was before she found out that he was complicit in murder.

The conflict between Harvey and Cameron Dennis has been an intriguing one to watch. Their history set up for an epic battle that neither of them is willing to lose. They have tried just about every trick they know in order to get the better of the other.

Just when one takes the lead, the other jumped right on it to make the next play. Harvey finally had Cameron beat, until Stephen contacted Cameron’s missing witness and led the opponent right to the prize.

It was unclear in the end if Stephen did that on purpose or not, but it seems unlikely he tried to sabotage the case against Ava. If the murder charge went away, not only was Ava in the clear, but so was he.

It was Stephen’s call to Mariga that set into motion the end of his relationship with Donna and the revelation that he ordered the killings. Oops! One phone call and his entire world is going to crumble around him.

There was no way that Donna could have guessed that Stephen was capable of that horrific act. She felt bad enough when she thought he took advantage of their relationship to interfere in her job for Harvey.

The pain and emotion on Donna’s face when she said, “I’m so sorry, Harvey.” was palpable. Sarah Rafferty exuded the hurt and sorrow of the moment. And, Harvey’s reaction was a sign of his respect for her and determination to right the wrong.

“She’s Mine” could have had a possessive connotation, but instead it meant taking care of your own and protecting them. Stephen deserved every punch he got and more. Gabriel Macht sold Harvey’s anger and intensity without a doubt. Mark that down as another brilliant use of the bathroom set!

Next up, how will they prove Stephen was responsible and will they also tie Darby to the kill order? Before long it could be Pearson Specter and perhaps they’ll even keep the London office if Darby’s in jail!

Odds and Ends

  • Louis and Nigel’s confrontations continue to provide a serious, but lighthearted side to the show. The mock trial and fight over the cat could have come across as a joke, but it was handled with a seriousness that allowed the storyline to work.
  • Rachel did an amazing job representing Louis. Even though it was a mock trial, it should give her the confidence she needs to go to Colombia and kick ass.
  • Mike’s manipulation of Cameron to get a look at the files was awesome. 
  • Suits occasionally overplays the similarities between cases and situations occurring at the firm or in the characters’ personal lives. That happened here with Harvey’s betrayal of Jessica. The reappearance of Ava’s second in command was overkill. The rooftop conversation between Harvey and Jessica would have stood better on its own.

What will happen now that they know the truth about Stephen? Will Harvey be able to convince Cameron of the truth? And, will the merged firm be able to survive? Will Harvey and Donna be brought closer by this experience? Or, will it further divide them?

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