In this week’s episode of Mistresses, “Full Disclosure,” all the ladies face coming clean about the thing that’s most important in their lives: Karen faces her lies — and Elizabeth. Savi admits to her feelings for Dom. April weighs whether she should tell Lucy her father is alive. And Joss realizes she needs a man.

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Karen’s Deposition

How difficult life must be for Savi, who’s caught between a rock (Dom) and a hard place (Karen). She took her own self off Karen’s case, but that isn’t stopping her from meddling in Dom’s business as he prepares to take down Karen. So he wants to send her off to NYC to meet with some high-profile clients rather than staying behind and being nosy. Being irresistible probably doesn’t help either, especially if he’s trying to focus.

Karen receives some prep from her big-time lawyer, whose best advice is to say nothing because if you say nothing, the other side can’t contradict what you said with, you know, actual evidence. Is that all a lawyer does?! Sign me right up!

Karen has guilt written all over her face, which is unfortunate. Dom first brings in Newsome, who is almost immediately deemed not credible because according to Karen’s lawyer, Newsome has a personal vendetta after Karen rejected his advances.

But then Dom brings in Sam, who backs his mother up as an alibi the day of his father’s death — that he was with her and that his father was back home. The look on Karen’s face is priceless because she slept with the guy to use him as her alibi, and it’s blowing up in her face!

Clearing Her Conscience

When the deposition breaks, Karen confronts Sam, who can’t ever be taken seriously because of the fact that the only facial features that move on his face are his eyes and lips. The guy does not have any more looks, and it’s starting to be creepy, if it isn’t already.

Anyway, Sam reveals that his mother begged him — crying, no less — to be her alibi, and how do you turn down the woman who birthed you, especially when the woman you slept with who you promised to be an alibi to won’t even return your calls?! That’s all Sam wanted. If Karen had done that, there isn’t a doubt that Sam would’ve said no to his mother. But because Karen Kim isn’t logical when it comes to men — she should’ve at least kept in contact until after the deposition — she pretty much dug her own grave.

Karen’s lawyer brings in Jacob to be the witness for someone, someone who without explicitly saying so will lie under oath to protect his working partner. But Karen’s determined to not let that happen. She’s tired of the lies — and breaking the law — and pours out the truth: that, yes, she made mistakes, but she was only trying to help the man that she was truly, madly, deeply in love with. Does Jacob’s reaction to hearing the truth mean that these two will never see a future together?

It’s a slap in the face to Elizabeth, who earlier lied about her husband coming clean about the affair, saying it happened a few times but meant nothing. Karen’s emotional reaction is not something that can be faked, and she retorts to her enemy that while her own conscience is clean, she can’t say the same for Elizabeth.


Joss is living her life as a lesbian now, but she’s missing men. She can’t just turn off the physical attraction she feels for the opposite sex. She says it’s like being a vegan: your body goes into shock. It leads to further ridiculous/dumb jokes about meats and sausages — and to Alex, revealing she would hypothetically be okay if Joss got with a man.

Well, that means Alex is okay with it. If she’s hypothetically okay with it, why wouldn’t she be really okay with it? So Joss gives in to Olivier and nips that craving. Except he leaves a mark on her side — what a jerk — that leads to Alex putting two and two together. And she’s sad/mad about it.

Hypothetically does not mean reality, apparently.

The Love Triangle

Josslyn seems to be the only one intent on saving her sister’s marriage. Savi says she’s resorted to the reality that she and Harry might never get back together, so she should just give in to her feelings for Dom, which she’s obviously had for awhile — that’s why she slept with him, she tells Joss. The only thing missing when Savi told her sister that is “Duh.”

So Joss sets up a meeting with Harry to kick his butt into gear. Harry informs her that because he saw Dom at the house the other night and because he hasn’t heard about the paternity results, he’s concluding he’s not the father.

Joss fills him in on the intel that Savi hasn’t told him because Savi doesn’t know either, that she gave Joss the test results for safe keeping. And no, she won’t break the sister code to give the results to Harry, but he should be a man and use his looks to get the results from the clinic himself.

Except Harry tries — pretty poorly for someone who is supposed to be charming — and fails. Back to square one. At this rate, he’ll find out whether the baby is his by actually seeing the physical color of the baby.


April, meanwhile, seems to want to settle back into normalcy, where her ex-husband is out of her life and she’s with Richard (maybe). But when Paul gives her a locket to give to their daughter, it’s like all of that rational thought is out the window. She believes her daughter should be told that her father is, in fact, alive. Karen’s advice is to wait until she’s 18 because otherwise she’ll be traumatized. There is no right answer to this.

But did Paul really leave? Because last we see of April, she goes to pick up Lucy from school a little late and she’s nowhere to be seen. And it appears as if she might not find her anytime soon because we see in the previews that she confronts Paul over Lucy being missing. I bet any money that Paul’s gold-digging girlfriend snatched her from school.

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