Grey’s Anatomy big boss Shonda Rhimes teased about the upcoming finale, that it’s going to be a game-changer and not in the we’re-just-calling-it-a-game-changer-to-get-you-to-tune-in way.

“And look, what is coming up is pretty intense. It’s the kind of finale that changes everything. I know people like to say that, wave the phrase “game-changer” around like a red flag in front of a bull. But dude, this year? GAME. CHANGER.”

Now that that’s out of the way, we can focus on other Grey’s Anatomy season 6 spoilers en route to its September 24 kick-off, including something that may dictate the very future of the ABC medical drama. Read after the jump to find out!

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Since George!Death is so old news, let’s venture on the other catastrophes that befall Seattle Grace on a regular basis – the love teams, of course.

First off, you think you’ve seen enough of Sarah Drew? While her little cutesy character was fired a long time ago (remember the flash-back-y burn victim episode?), E! Online reports that we haven’t seen the last of April. She makes a return on the show’s “Valentine’s Day Massacre.” It’s definitely not a flashback, and the name on her coat definitely says Seattle Grace Mercy West, so it’s safe to assume at this point that she gets reinstated.

Think Sloan and Little Grey are done? You’re in good company. Eric Dane thinks so as well.

“For now. Mark is stubborn and I think he was really shocked and hurt by her and he isn’t going to let that go very easily.”

Now a little on the positive side, Sara Gilbert from Roseanne and Big Bang Theory’s Leslie Winkle to those who aren’t around during the 90s is set to be admitted to Seattle Grace! If you think you’ve seen her on Private Practice, you are not mistaken (in 2007), but her role for its mothership is different.

E! Online also reports that the while the whole Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) episode will not go away soon, Yang (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) will still get some happy moments.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be true for Iz (Katherine Heigl) and Alex (Justin Chambers), according to TV Guide. Alex is understandably fed up with all the leaving and blaming business after he stayed put during her cancer saga. The depression will reportedly push him to the arms of another woman, hopefully not someone as crazy as Rebecca because poor Alex can’t take anymore of them crazy chicks.

And in even more devastating news (for the fans at least), it sounds like Sloan and Lexie will soon bite the dust. Turns out, both Sloan and Lexie will find themselves not exactly faithful to each other, especially after the anticipated crossover between Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice when both return next year. From the looks of things, there’ll be a lot of infidelity afoot on Seattle Grace.

Starting off the premiere, TV Guide has reported that the September 24 season 6 premiere will not be a flash-forward like Desperate Housewives, but will continue from where we left off, that is, Izzie flat-lining and George just successfully telling Mer that, well, he’s George. Apparently, all the events will weight “very heavily” on the doctors of Seattle Grace, especially one “whose reaction you may taken for granted.” Judging from the finale, it’s Bailey (Chandra Wilson) who was most visibly rattled by the harsh sequence of events. What did she say again, tearfully – “We’re all scared!” to the chief.

Elsewhere, Shonda had indeed confirmed that Mer will be on maternity leave. And despite being “optimistic” that she’ll be back quick, the Grey’s Anatomy creator said she has a “lovely story” to take the ABC medical drama into her maternity leave, including some stand-alone episodes.

It’s here when Rhimes revealed that she’s ready for everyone to go, sort of, so she’s trying to “mess with the structure” in order to still function without some of the characters. “What would we do without Ellen? What would we do if we had an episode without Patrick Dempsey?” she said, for instance.

In relation to that, Shonda had said, rather ominously to Mer fans, “But at least we have Lexie Grey.” Season 6, then, as it is about transitions, can be all about easing Meredith out. Sounds far-fetched? We also thought the same way about George getting killed off, but look where we stand now.

In relation to that, E! Online reported that Seattle Grace will say hey to at least three interns. According to descriptions, this will include “a bleeding-heart caregiver, an exacting perfectionist and a scheming underminer.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds awfully like some of our original interns, most notably the “exactly perfectionist” part. I wonder if this is already a sort of passing-the-baton kind of thing.

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