The third season of Breaking Bad kicks off tonight and Walt (Bryan Cranston) introduces us to a whole new problem.  On “No Mas,” which translates to “no more,” our protagonist will be dealing with the aftermath of the plane crash.

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Another dilemma that he faces is the fact that Skyler (Anna Gunn) is furious at him.  She’s found certain clues leading to his secret and she isn’t happy at her discoveries.  Hoping to find out the truth from her husband, she continues to pressure him by her absence.

Meanwhile, Jesse (Aaron Paul) also has a new discovery.  After months of self-destruction, he realizes something about himself that will change the course of his life.

But as all of this unfolds, an entirely new threat emerges and endangers Walt’s secrets. If you want a hint of what menace looms on Breaking Bad, check out the clip below.

Season 3 looks incredibly promising already.  In the next clip, Walt stands over a flaming pile of money.  It’s not as huge as the one made by The Joker on The Dark Knight though, but we can’t help but find Bryan Cranston’s face up-close intriguing.

Speaking of the series’ star, he’ll be directing the season 3 premiere of Breaking Bad.  The promos already hint at something really explosive coming our way, but unlike these guys we just have to look at the carnage.

And since tonight’s episode is titled “No Mas,” Walt just has to break down and say “Enough!” to the system that’s keeping him prisoner.  That is, his boss and those eyebrows.

On this final clip, Walt really starts to break out the bad guy in him and finally breaks free of conventions.  He dismisses the notion of fear and just gives in to his instincts.

Catch Breaking Bad‘s season 3 premiere, “No Mas,” as it airs tonight at 9pm on AMC.

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