This episode of Grey’s Anatomy was a bit of a mixed bag. On the upside, it was a vast improvement over the last episode’s pretentious and preachy outing. On the downside “Jukebox Hero” felt like an episode in limbo. So many questions. So few answers. Baby steps, yes. Better than nothing, but not entirely satisfying either. And then there was the Alex Karev of it all. To which I can only ask yet again: Seriously? SERIOUSLY??? More on that later. Hold that thought.

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Where is Everybody?

It’s not a good sign when ominous music plays underneath Meredith’s opening voice over. Not good at all. As the day begins, Meredith and Maggie are trying to locate Alex who’s been MIA since he said goodbye to Mer the night before and went off to accept a plea deal. After searching online for clue’s to Alex’s whereabouts, the sisters are more mystified than ever. First Maggie makes a typo which pulls up the wrong file (good thing – that perp is getting “thirty to life”). Then, when they finally do find the right case, confusion over deposition vs. disposition and phrases like “criminal proceedings concluded” and “indefinitely postponed” lead Meredith and Maggie to assume the worst: Alex is in jail. But where exactly? Undaunted, Meredith spends the entire day searching for him.

Meanwhile, Owen is worried and more than a little panicky when Amelia is nowhere to be found, having broken up with him by Post-It letter. After checking with Meredith to see if Amelia turned up at Casa Grey (nope), Hunt goes to work at the hospital and asks Amelia’s protegee’, Stephanie, if she knows where Dr. Shepherd is. Stephanie replies that Amelia has taken a few days off, but neglects to mention to Hunt that Amelia is camped out at Stephanie’s apartment. Owen doesn’t take long to figure this out and implores Stephanie to tell Amelia to come home. Stephanie relays the messages but Amelia insists that she can’t do that. Owen will just try to fix things and some things can’t be fixed. So true. Like this ridiculous story line. Yes, Amelia, we know. You have issues. You are wounded. You are broken. Got it. Talk to your husband like an adult and figure things out or go away and leave the man in peace. 

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The Battle’s Begun

In other news, it’s Eliza Minnick’s first day on the job and Richard Webber, emboldened by the support he’s received from the attending surgeons, has decided to fight the impending coup. Since hitting directly could be considered nepotism (Richard is married to Catherine Avery) which could, in turn, lead to a wrongful termination lawsuit, the docs decide to be more stealthy. Minnick can’t win the attendings over to her way of teaching if they refuse to work with her. And one by one (Nathan, Arizona, Jackson) they do just that. The only one to welcome Eliza into a surgery? Richard Webber, who pointedly admits to being curious. He overheard her telling Miranda that every new program she takes over has a “Richard Webber.” How exactly is she planning to neutralize him? #OhNoHeDidn’t 

A Pregnant Women Walks Into A Bar Gets into a Taxi

No, it’s not a punchline. It’s the “case of the week.” Leah Murphy pulls Arizona (who’s exhausted from her all-nighter at the prison from the last episode) from the Take Down Eliza meeting and into a video chat from a patient who is deep into labor and just a few blocks from the hospital. Robbins tells the patient to put her feet on the dashboard to relieve her pain and they’ll meet her at the hospital entrance right away. But wait! There’s more! The taxi gets into a terrible accident as Murphy and Robbins watch the video feed in horror. Cut to the scene of the accident: taxi driver is basically fine, pregnant mom is critically injured (more so because her feet were on the dashboard), and the driver of the other car is…wait for it…the woman’s husband, who was rushing to the hospital to be with his wife. 

Long story short, the baby girl is saved, though immediate surgery is necessary. The mom is still alive, but we don’t learn whether or not she’ll survive or if she’ll forgive her husband. Husband is shaken and devastated. 

Robbins laments the loss of Karev, both as her mentee’/friend and as a pediatric surgeon. What is she going to do without him? Arriving home that night, she hesitantly confesses her feelings to Andrew, who is – after all – the victim of Alex’s assault. Awkward. Yet Andrew seems to get it. And maybe there’s another layer of meaning here? Because…

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Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?

After searching all day for Alex to no avail, Meredith comes home and finds him sleeping in bed! He’s been there all day and seems fine. Fade to black. No explanation. Again. ARRRRGH! But at least he’s okay, right? Which is more than can be said for Jo (who sulks and simmers and nearly kills a patient because she’s in her own head and refuses Ben’s kind attempts to be supportive). 

Ditto Richard and Miranda, who are having it out, again, over the  remake of the hospital training procedures. Each seems to have people on their side, though both are cryptic with details. Each thinks themself in the right and the other in the wrong. This is not going to end well. How long before it explodes? And what is the deal with Alex? Hit the comments with your thoughts! 

Memorable Moments and Quotes

April: “You declared war on Eliza Minnick. We’re ready to throw down and now you’re just calling a truce before we even start?”

Richard: “I’m no suggesting we back down. We need to be smart, strategic, organized. You just don’t rush into battle. That’s what gets people killed.”

Stephanie (to Eliza): “No one touches the (surgical) board except Chief Bailey. If Chief Bailey even sees you lay a finger on it, she will take that finger and she will kill you. You can’t take my career to the next level if you’re dead.”

Eliza (to an aghast Arizona): “Apparently we need to hire a new Peds Surgery Chief. Seems ours went up the river.” #OhNoSheDidn’t

Stephanie (to Amelia, who’s staying at her place): “You are welcome. It’s just, that was my last yogurt.”

Amelia: “I will go to a hotel.”

Stephanie: “Just go to a store!”

Arizona: “I need to be two people. I need Alex.”

Meredith: “It’s Karev. K-A-R-E-V.”

Clerk: “Nope. He’s not in the computer. I don’t have him.”

Meredith: “Okay. So…can we call around to some other jails?”

Clerk: “Sure! ‘Cuz this is Saks Fifth Avenue.”

Miranda: “How goes the battle for hearts and minds?”

Eliza: “Change doesn’t happen overnight.”

Miranda: “That sounds like someone who’s won no hearts or minds.”

Meredith: “I’ve been looking for you all day!”

Alex: “I’ve been here. I’ve been sleeping.”

Meredith: “All day?”

Alex: “All day.”

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