After nearly six seasons of waiting, Teen Wolf fans finally got their wish. Stiles and Lydia are now officially a couple after their big lip-lock in the season 6A finale. Stiles and Lydia were finally reunited in “Riders on the Storm” and Lydia didn’t have to say “it” (I love you) back but the two shared a very long and very passionate kiss. Teen Wolf creator and executive producer Jeff Davis sat down with TVLine to talk about the kiss and what is ahead for Stiles and Lydia for the next half of season 6. 

Quiz: Who is Your Teen Wolf Boyfriend?>>> “Riders on the Storm” did feel somewhat like a series finale with the original wolf pack (and Malia) graduating and Stiles, Scott and Lydia going off to college. Stiles is going to George Washington University to join an pre-FBI program, Lydia is off to MIT as a junior and Scott will be staying right in California at UC Davis. There is still much more story to come, however. 

Jeff Davis is playing coy on what exactly the future holds for Stiles and Lydia. He won’t even say how many episodes Dylan O’Brien will be involved in for the final stretch of Teen Wolf. Even though Stiles was saved from the Wild Hunt, O’Brien’s commitment to the Maze Runner movie franchise and his injury on that set might still affect his availability on Teen Wolf. That might be why “Riders on the Storm” feels like such a series finale for the character. 

“We definitely wanted to close the book on the high school chapter of their lives,” Davis explained. “This season was really about honoring the character of Stiles. We knew we wouldn’t have Dylan O’Brien full-time, and then we had him even less once his accident happened. So there was a bit of behind-the-scenes trickery there. I love when a season feels like it’s told a full story, a complete story. Every season finale has felt like a series finale to me.”

As for Stiles and Lydia’s kiss, Davis was even more cryptic. He talked about the kiss saying, “It all has to do with friendship and romance, where someone finally says ‘I love you’ after it’s been boiling up inside for years.”

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While Davis obviously has to keep some secrets, I think it’s very clear that the book hasn’t closed on Stiles and Lydia’s relationship. The kiss was a much more the beginning of something than the end or a “boiling” point. Stiles did, after all, tell Scott that “everything’s changed” while looking at Lydia in “Riders on the Storm.”

Davis was a little bit more open about the other big romantic hook-up of “Riders on the Storm.” After spending half of the season sharing nearly all of their scenes, Melissa McCall and Chris Argent kissed. Scott’s mom and his dead ex-girlfriend’s father are now an item.

Davis explained the pairing, “We’d been flirting with the idea of Stilinski and Melissa but one of our rules in the writers’ room is to go the unexpected route — and putting her with Argent felt unexpected. Then it started to feel natural. Like, they’re really good together. I was like, ‘Are we doing this? It’s the last season. Let’s do it.’ In 6B, things are going to get ever more awkward. We love awkward romances, inspired by my own life.”

So what do you think of the big romantic pairings of the midseason finale? Do you hope to see more of Lydia and Stiles or was “Riders on the Storm” a good send-off for both characters? What do you make of Melissa and Argent being together? Would you prefer Mama McCall with Sheriff Stilinski? 

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