The last episode of The Vampire Diaries in 2009 definitely hadplenty of turning points, as the episode’s title suggested.  Elena hadtwo major turning points, Damon had one, Jeremy and Tyler had one, Mattand Caroline had one and even Alaric had one.

And if you count death, I suppose Logan had one too.  The Vampire Diaries had plenty for everyone, unless you’re a Bonnie fan.  Then you got screwed because she wasn’t in the episode at all.

Elena and Stefan

Despite the fact that these two can clearly never have a real, long-term relationship, Elena doesn’t care.  She says “I love you” and the two have mad, passionate, hot vampire sex.  That tender moment is cut short pretty quickly once Elena finally sees a picture of Katherine and realizes the only reason Stefan likes her is because she looks just like his dead ex.

Damon and the Tomb

Remember how Bonnie burned the necklace and destroyed any hope Damon had of opening the tomb by the old church that contains Katherine plus 26 other vampires?  Well, all hope is not lost.  Logan, after going on a spree of eating people and shooting Damon a billion times with wooden bullets, provides some key info.  The mystery person who turned Logan into a vampire knows of another way to open the tomb, and that’s this mystery vamp’s whole goal.  Thank God, because I thought they closed that storyline way too quickly.

The New Vampire

While Logan was definitely a fresh face, the better question is who turned him?  Stefan and Damon couldn’t get any answers out of him, so all we know is that it’s someone who knows about Katherine’s tomb.  But it could also be the same one who caused Elena to get into a horrific car crash.  The episode ended with Elena hitting a person in the middle of the road and flipping about two dozen times.  Once she settled, she saw the body fix its bones, stand up and walk ominously to her.  Who is this mystery creature, and is it the vampire who turned Logan?  Since I’m not big on coincidences, I’m guessing yes.

Alaric, The Vampire Slayer

The jury is still out on whether Alaric himself is a vampire, given all the evidence, but we do know that he knows how to kill a vampire.  The mysterious new teacher stands up to Logan, and while the fresh vamp thought he had the upper hand, Alaric had a stake that said otherwise.  Is he a vampire slayer, or a vampire who slays vampires?

Jeremy and Tyler

If you thought all these two had in common was Vicki, think again.  Also, think again if you assumed Tyler was dead since we haven’t seen him for about three episodes.  It turns out both are aspiring artists who like drawing creepy vampire-looking things.  They still fight, but they seem to have a lot in common, mostly the fact that both inherited books and journals about vampires from their parents.

Matt and Caroline: More Than Just Friends

After catching grief from Elena and Tyler, these two finally admit they have feelings for each other.  Luckily, we also learn that Matt has taken up watching So You Think You Can Dance, and he even references the memorable Cancer Dance from season 5.  Clearly someone on the Vampire Diaries writing staff loves SYTYCD.

With all of these major turning points, we now have to wait until January to see how this all wraps up.  If they don’t open Katherine’s tomb by the end of this season, I’m going to be mad.

Also, if you missed any episodes of The Vampire Diaries or just want to relive the excitement, the CW, is running a five-day marathon starting Monday, December 14, show all 10 episodes in two-hour chunks every night of that week.


-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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