The Vampire Diaries closed out the first half of the season with plentyof turning points.  Stefan and Elena finally had sex, Damon learnedthat there’s someone else trying to open Katherine’s tomb, and mostshocking of all, Elena was in a horrific car accident.

While driving away from Stefan after learning she looks exactly likeKatherine, his former lover, she encountered a shadowy figure in themiddle of the road and flipped her car about 23 times.  Miraculously,she remained conscious after the trauma, but the real bad news camewhen she saw the person she hit put his or her bones back into placeand walked ominously towards Elena.

Who is this mystery character?  That’s the million dollar question, but since I don’t believe in coincidences on The Vampire Diaries, I’m going to assume it’s also the same person who turned Logan and who knows how to open Katherine’s tomb.  Right now, if it’s someone we already know, I have five primary suspects.

Alaric Saltzman

I always expected the unexpected.  When the new history teacher first came to town with his gaudy ring and unwillingness to enter a house uninvited, I dismissed the possibility that he was a vampire because it seemed too obvious.  But now that he’s killed Logan and he appears to be a good guy who kills vampires, I once again expect the unexpected, so now I think he really is a vampire.  Even if he’s not, Alaric definitely knows a lot more than he’s telling, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he also knows about Katherine’s tomb.


I know she’s dead and that the producers of The Vampire Diaries have said she’s not coming back, but maybe that was just to throw us off the scent.  For some reason, Kayla Ewell was still listed in the opening credits last night, and I found that very odd since she’s been dead for a few episodes.  I have no Earthly idea how or why Vicki might still be alive, but I’m open to the possibility.

Mayor Lockwood

There was something very suspicious about the Mayor wanted his son to pummel Jeremy.  Also, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has made me naturally distrustful of mayors.  Whatever his story is, this guy is a lot more than just an abusive father.

Tyler Lockwood

In the first 10 episodes, Michael Trevino has been sorely underused as the town bad boy.  Other than threatening to beat up Jeremy a few times, he hasn’t done much.  The Vampire Diaries doesn’t feel like a show that’s willing to support deadweight, so either Tyler is going to die soon or he’s a lot more important than we think.  His interactions with Jeremy seemed very distracted, like there was something else on his mind.

Mr. or Mrs. Gilbert

Elena and Jeremy’s parents “died” four months before the series began, or so we’re told.  In Mystic Falls, you should never take someone’s word for how a person died, so I think it’s entirely possible that one or both of Elena’s parents are still alive.  Falling in love with a vampire is bad enough, but just imagine if Elena learned that her parents are also vampires.  It’s one of those emotionally melodramatic revelations that seems too good to be ignored.

So who do you think the mystery person was that caused Elena’s accident?  Is it one of my choices, someone else we know, or a completely new character?

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