As many of you know, I had the opportunity to visit the set of Fringe a couple of weeks ago. I toured the lab, chatted with the cast and crew and generally had a great time. There’s so much going on this season that it was hard to keep my questions focused to the most important aspects. We’ve seen a lot of changes in season two of Fringe and there’s so much going on: Parallel universes, observers and gory scenes galore.

I only had a couple minutes to talk to Jasika Nicole who plays Astrid Farnsworth. Astrid didn’t have a huge part in season one and we’re just starting to get to know her and her relationships with the other three principle cast members is slowly growing. Her relationship with Walter Bishop (John Noble) has bloomed into a beautiful friendship and partnership. The two of them work so seamlessly together and it’s been a joy to see them get closer.

So that’s what I wanted to talk to Jasika about. It’s a short interview but she’s so friendly that it’s still an entertaining one. Check it out and let me know what you think of Fringe and of this season’s newest “besties.”

-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kim Wetter

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