The second group of twelve acts waits backstage in the Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Room (the Poppin’ Room?), and only four of them were good enough to move forward (maybe less?). Nick describes last night as “a roller coaster ride,” but I describe it as a disappointment overall. It was also awkward, with Piers trying so hard to be cruel. I really got uncomfortable. But Piers regrets nothing.

Up first is The Rhinestone Ropers, Thomas John, and Silhouettes. So, clearly Silhouettes is moving forward. But for the record, I voted for the Rhinestone Ropers, because I thought they could do better. Two disappointments and the best act of the night–the results seem pretty clear! It’s so obvious that it made Sharon laugh. Props to Thomas John for his feigned shred of hope, though. That was funny. Silhouettes moves forward.

The “What’s Poppin'” segment was so awkward, and yet it didn’t go on as long as I wanted it to. To give us a break from actual show, Hot Chelle Rae performed. I would have been absolutely nuts about them about ten years ago. There’s something about red leather pants and gender-ambiguous haircuts.

After discussing Nick Cannon’s outfits, Steven Retchless, Attack Dance Crew, and Geechy Guy went to the stage. It will probably be Steven Retchless, the pole dancer. Howie thinks it might be Geechy Guy, because “America isn’t ready to embrace the outrageousness of a male pole dancer.” What does that even mean? But they ARE ready for Steven Retchless, who is moving forward. Good work, America, you’re full of surprises.

Daniel Joseph Baker, Dani Shay, and Dylan Andre are next to the stage. All the solo singing acts of the night! It ought to be Daniel Joseph Baker. Piers doesn’t think it could be any of them. But Daniel Joseph Baker comes out ahead, and will be in the semi-finals. Yay! He’s too cute.

So that leaves Landon Swank, Smage Bros. Riding Shows, and Mona Lisa in the final group. I hope the judges put Landon Swank through because I love magic!

But first, the acrobatic stunt group, Traces, will perform. Fresh off the boat from performing for ROYALTY! Hey what do you know, other male pole dancers!

The Smage Brothers, Mona Lisa, and Landon Swank head for the stage. The first act to go is Mona Lisa. So will the judges choose a motorcycle act, or young, hot magic? The guy who lies down for all the Smage Bros. stunts had a good comeback to Nick Cannon’s dumb question, so it made me like them more. Sharon voted for the Smage Bros. Riding Shows, and they immediately started high-fiving. No one knows how this show works.

Piers voted for Landon Swank, so it’s all down to Howie, who will talk FOREVER! He asks Nick if he can take two, and he finally votes for the Smage Brothers. So Smage Bros. Riding Shows moves on to the semi-finals, and Landon Swank is eliminated. Maybe they’ll put him back in the Wild Card show.

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