I have to give credit to the veterans on Big Brother 13. I can’t stand them, especially Rachel, but they successfully flipped the house and made all the newbies paranoid and confused. Now that we’re in week 2 of Big Brother 13, the newbies are broken up and they don’t trust each other at all, while the five veterans are thick as thieves.

'Big Brother 13' Recap: Paranoia in the House

The Eviction Aftermath

The newbies meet in the Have-Not room to decompress and question which two of them flipped sides and voted to evict Keith. Obviously, no one is stepping up, but Dominic and Cassi think Adam was one, while Adam thinks it’s Dominic. Kalia is kind of an obvious person, but no one seems to even consider that Shelly turned. She’s probably playing the smartest short-term game, but my problem with this strategy is that, eventually, the veterans will have no use for her and evict her like the HGs did with Kathy last season.

At one point Rachel walks in and goes into supremely bitchy mode by sarcastically saying “Wait, there are sides?” She knows it’s the veterans against the newbies, and so does everyone else, so her comment is just rubbing salt in the wounds and showing what a vindictive and spiteful shrew of a woman she is. It’s the “ooey, gooey cookie” scene with Ragan from last season all over again, and it proves that Rachel might be a beast in competitions, but she’s one of the worst social game players ever. Let’s not forget she barely made the jury last season, so it’s not like she’s really a Big Brother All-Star.

Have and Have-Not Competition

The four remaining couples are strapped in and costumes together and have to go through an obstacle course. Brendon and Rachel win yet again, with Adam and Dominic finishing a close second. Lawon and Kalia are in dead last, and when it’s over, Kalia has a total freak-out. A medic is called in, but Kalia is blowing this way out of proportion because she’s not really hurt, she’s just having a panic attack.

Brendon and Rachel get to pick the two Have-Nots for the week, and they make it personal and choose to put Dominic and Cassi’s teams on slop for the week while helping the couple that did the worst.

America’s Vote

This week we can go to CBS.com and vote about our opinions of the HGs, which means this week’s HoH competition is almost certainly going to be a quiz where the HGs have to predict what America thinks of them. At least that’s a pretty fair competition which anyone can win since it’s all based on info they couldn’t possibly know.


Dominic, Adam, and Cassi all try to make deals, but the only deals Jeff is interested in involve forcing the newbies to do everything he says. Jeff is a total bully, which kind of works in his pair since Jordan is so nice, Brenchel could take notes, because they just have two bullies.
It comes down to Dominic and Cassi as the two main targets. Rachel is playing emotionally and she has an uncontrollable hatred for Cassi. It’s basically a rehash of Rachel vs. Kristen, and it shows that Rachel has a real problem with smart, strong, beautiful women. She also claims Cassi is a “super floater,” which goes to show that she doesn’t know the definition of the term because Cassi has absolutely picked a side, it’s just not with Rachel. People like Porsche, Lawon, Shelly, and Kalia are the real floaters of this season, but, contrary to what she says, Rachel actually loves keeping floaters in the game.

Daniele also wants Cassi gone, mostly because Dominic I a little puppy dog who will do whatever Daniele says. But Jeff wants Dominic gone because he and Jordan see Cassi as better for their game.

At the end of the day, no matter what Brendon, Rachel, and Daniele think, Jordan and Jeff are in charge, so Adam and Dominic are nominated.

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