Here’s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight’s episode of Masterchef“Top 10 Compete”

Get out your mom jokes. On tonight’s episode of Masterchef, the judges outsource the elimination challenge to their mothers. The winner is an unpredicted surprise but you can see the elimination round results coming from a mile away.

High Five Highlights:

5. Just like Mom’s Cooking. Or not. The contestants have to cook for the judge’s moms. Not surprisingly, Joe’s mother seems to be the biggest critic although all the moms have something good, and bad, to say about the dishes.

4. Pasta Scandal. Giuseppe, who the camera seemed to first notice in the last episode, says he will make the pasta. Instead, he boils store bought pasta arguing with his angry teammates that the dish calls for it. Like most of the contestant kitchen scandals on Masterchef, the pasta is not a big deal for the judges of the challenge.

3. Changing the Game Plan. While the red team’s apple pie with caramel sauce and ice cream goes exactly as planned, the blue team has to think quick with their dessert. They end up serving poached pear with some sort of nut. The blue team doesn’t even think highly enough about their dish to tell us much about it. But, of course, like most contestant scandals on Masterchef

2. It is All Down to Dessert. With one team taking the appetizer and one team winning the entrée, it all comes down to the dessert. The moms choose the poach pear much to everyone’s surprise. Apparently, the red team had screwed up the ratio between the dough and the apple. Who knew?

1. Insert Your Favorite Mom Joke Here. When Chef Ramsey asks Giuseppe what went wrong, Giuseppe answers that it was left up to the palette. Chef Ramsey points out, not so politely, that it is the palette of his mom that he is talking about. This foreshadows Giuseppe’s elimination which stems from the eggs benedict elimination challenge.


– It’s Masterchef, not Top Chef. Store bought pasta wouldn’t fly over at BRAVO. Of course, it didn’t really fly here either, if you think about it, since Giuseppe had to pack his knives and go. Which of the cooking reality TV shows do you think is best?

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