If you follow the live feeds on Big Brother 13, you already know exactly who is going to be evicted on Thursday. This is one of those boring weeks where the decisions have been made, and now it’s time for pointless crying and useless drama, all of which stars Rachel.

'Big Brother 13' Spoilers: Was the Veto Used in Week 2?

Dominic won the Power of Veto and used it to save himself and Adam. Cassi and Shelly were nominated as the replacements.

Cassi is the target, and she’s going home. She knows it, the veterans know it, and everyone else knows it. There’s absolutely nothing she can do or say to save herself and no deal she can make. It’s frustrating to watch because any further game talk for the week has no real purpose.

But for the past 24 hours in the house, there’s been plenty of drama between Cassi and Rachel. Basically, they had a conversation where Rachel said Cassi’s gameplay sucks, and Cassi said she now understands why everyone hated Rachel last season. For the next three hours, Cassi described the conversation to everyone she talked to while Rachel cried in the HoH room because she feels attacked.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m squarely against Rachel, so seeing her meltdown again is kind of amusing, especially since Jordan and Daniele are also getting fed up with Rachel’s drama. Jordan calmly tried to explain why some people might not like Rachel (specifically the comments she made to the newbies right after Keith was evicted that we saw on Sunday’s episode).

Rachel’s problem is that she wants people to treat her differently, but she’s acting exactly the same way she did last season. She thinks it’s her and Brendon against the world, and that is playing the victim, even if she doesn’t think it is. She’s also still condescending and loves to kick people when they’re down. The comment to the newbies was just adding insult to injury after the veterans got Keith evicted, much like how she offered Ragan an “ooey, gooey cookie” when she knew he was on slop last season. It’s unnecessary, vindictive, and mean.

But Rachel doesn’t seem to understand what she’s doing, which is frustrating. I’m also upset that Rachel has the gall to critique someone’s gameplay. Rachel went out in week 5, and that’s after winning HoH twice. She has the attitude of an all-star, but the truth is that her social gameplay is terrible and she wasn’t a very good player last season.

I’m also angry that Rachel and Brendon keep calling people like Cassi floaters. Just because someone doesn’t make a deal with Brenchel and choose their side doesn’t make them a floater. In Rachel’s word, there are only two kinds of players: those who are on her side and floaters. That’s fundamentally wrong, and even though Rachel and Brendon like to sit on their high horse about being honest, the real truth is that they want to get rid of any strong players so they can compete against a bunch of weak pushovers like Porsche and Shelly.

Now that Cassi is gone, my mind turns to next week, and I just hope and pray that a newbie wins HoH for once. If not, here’s my dream scenario: Jeff wins HoH and nominates Kalia and Lawon. Adam and Dominic get to play in the PoV, Dominic wins and he saves Kalia and Lawon, forcing Jeff to backdoor Brendon and Rachel. Now that would be great TV.

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