As you all know by now, BuddyTV has a great relationship with the CW’s Supernatural. We are all huge fans of the show, and I think that helps us in being able to ask probing questions and learn things about the show that fans would find interesting. W.en we went up to the Supernatural set a couple of weeks ago, the cast and crew were busy filming episode 6 (entitled “Yellow Fever”) and not only were we able to get great interviews with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, we also had the privilege of meeting Jim Beaver as well.

Jim Beaver does not appear in every episode of Supernatural, but I really enjoy the ones that he is in. I love the way his character, Bobby Singer, provides a dependable foil to Sam and Dean. You can always count on Bobby’s even-keeled but exasperated advice, and it warms my heart the way he shows affection for the boys by calling them “idjits.”

Jim Beaver also brings a certain complexity to his role on Supernatural. In the season 3 episode “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” he gave such a powerful performance that perfectly depicted the level of guilt and despair Bobby carries with him every day.

But as great as Bobby is, I found Jim Beaver himself to be much cooler. We got to hang out with Jim a bit in between his takes, and I found him to be the perfect gentleman but with a sly sense of humor just sneaking through. I hope you can see all of that in the short conversation I had with him.

For the interview below, Jim took some time to answer some of your questions. He was very thoughtful and you can tell from the way he answers that he really appreciates the fans. For a better viewing experience, don’t forget to change your YouTube settings to “high quality.”

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