We previously reported that David Duchovny has entered the Meadows rehabilitation center in Arizona as treatment for his sex addiction and since then fans and co-actors have shown their support for the 48-year-old star of Showtime’s Californication.  In fact, Pamela Adlon, who stars as Marcy Runkle on the series, says that despite Duchovny’s troubles, she had a great time filming the second season of the show with him.

“I really can’t comment.  I just know he’s great,” Adlon told AOL News.  “David’s like my bro’. Everyone’s great.  We had an awesome time.”

Additionally, Evan Handler, who stars as Charlie Runkle, says that “As far as David’s personal life goes, I don’t know anything about it.  [But] I do know there’s no one I’ve enjoyed working with more.   This sounds like the usual stuff people spew, but I’ve been honest enough in the past with experiences I haven’t enjoyed.”

Handler also attributes the show’s success to Duchovny’s excellent work on the show, saying, “I think David does a phenomenal job.  He carries the show with absolute grace and ease.  There’s no separation between David and the rest of the cast.  As far as I’m concerned, the rest of us wouldn’t be there having a good time if it weren’t for him.”

As for some inside scoop on what’s to come for season 2, Handler reveals, “Charlie gets into wild trouble in season two.  Much more than anything in season one.  The Runkle empire definitely crumbles only to be possibly resurrected at the very end.”

In fact, SpoilerFix reports that the season premiere will follow Hank as he heads to the clinic to get a vasectomy.  While there, a hot nurse assigned to assist the urologist flirts with Hank.  Karen later picks him up after the procedure and comments on the unsafe sex they will be having from now on.  Hank puts up his car and place for sale, while Sonja introduces her new bohemian boyfriend to Hank, Karen, Marcy and Charlie.  Hank is later accused of mouth-rape.

Catch Californication as it returns to Showtime on September 28 at 10pm.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: SpoilerFix, AOL News, LA.com

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Valerie Del Castillo

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