This month brings excitement to television fans across the nation because the fall season is about to begin, with numerous shows coming back to airwaves with new seasons.  One of those shows is The Office, which heads back to NBC on September 25 at 9pm.  Late last month, The Office’s Jenna Fischer, who stars as Pam Beesly, revealed some juicy insights on what’s to come for her character in the new season.

“[Pam is] away at art school right now.  Pam was accepted to Pratt, and she’s living in New York, and there is a whole new world opening up for her,” Fischer reveals.  “We’ve been shooting some really great scenes at USC with Rich Sommer and John Cabrera and having so much fun.  It’s like we’re doing our own show called Art School.”

Additionally, she says that Pam’s escape from the office is a nice break for her character, admitting that “[Pam going back to Dunder Mifflin] hasn’t been decided yet.  It’s a three-month program at the school, and I can tell you that she’s really loving living in New York.  I think at this point, Pam has been the receptionist for about eight and half years, so this change is all very liberating for her.”

As for the intriguing Jam (Jim and Pam) love story, Fischer confesses, “Jim didn’t pop the question.  And Pam has gone off to art school.  So they are not together in the same place right now.  But this is not Jim and Pam being separated like they were when Jim went to the Stamford branch.  This is Jim and Pam living in different places but still being together and very much connected.”

Moreover, we also got to hear from Melora Hardin, who plays Jan on the series.  She reveals of her character, “Jan is pregnant, so you’ll see her pregnancy a little bit and ultimately get to see what she’s like as a mother.”

Additionally, she tells, “At the moment, [Michael] isn’t involved in any way, but he wants to be the surrogate dad, for sure, and he’s going to try his best to be involved in the kid’s life.  And she’s going to let him do that.  Then there’s also some wonderful tension between Jan and the new HR women (Amy Ryan).”

Catch the return of The Office on September 25 at 9pm on NBC.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Valerie Del Castillo

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