When the CW sent out advance screeners of Supernatural‘s fourth season premiere, “Lazarus Rising,” they specified three things that critics aren’t allowed to reveal before the episode airs.  I won’t even hint at those twists here, other than to say that “Lazarus Rising” contains events that will shake up the Supernatural mythology forever.  I’m interested to see how people react after the episode airs, as I’m expecting some of the shockers to split the fan base right down the middle.  If you thought last season’s finale was surprising, the season 4 premiere is bound to leave your jaw on the floor.

Read on for more details on the premiere, and to see two exciting clips from the episode.

One thing I can reveal about “Lazarus Rising” is that it contains the resurrection of Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles).  That much should be obvious to anyone who watches the show, but what remains a mystery is how and why he’s returned from the dead.  These are the questions that the Winchesters grapple with in the premiere, and luckily for impatient fans, there are answers before the episode ends.

The first clip shows Dean’s reunion with Bobby, who is not only shocked to see him, but also very skeptical that he’s the real Dean Winchester.

The second clip finds Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean and Bobby visiting a psychic named Pamela Barnes, who they hope will be able to shed some light on Dean’s return.  She shares a fun flirtation with the boys, and may or may not stick around to woo them after business is taken care of.

The fourth season premiere of Supernatural airs this Thursday at 9pm on the CW.  Make sure to prepare yourself for all the mind-blowing moments to come.  Also, if you know of any spoilers for the premiere, please DO NOT mention them in the comments below.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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