It’s pretty fair to say that the experience on Survivor: Micronesia was one Mikey Bortone wasn’t expecting.  He went into the game, as a fan, thinking he has control over his tribe.  He found out just how wrong he was in episode 2 when his alliance partner, Mary Sartain, was blindsided at tribal council.  The next time the Ariai tribe lost an immunity challenge, Mike’s name was on the chopping block.  Though it seemed his tribe would vote out Chet, a physically weak player, they ultimately decided to take Mike out instead.  Last week, after his elimination, Mike talked to BuddyTV about his experiences on Survivor and whether or not he’s rooting for anyone from his tribe to make it to the finale.

Hey everybody, this is Gina from BuddyTV, and today I’m talking to Mikey B from Survivor: Micronesia.

Hi Gina.

Hey Mikey, how are you doing?

I’m doing alright considering the circumstances.

Yeah, I was shocked that you went home last night. In fact, when I was writing about it live I actually wrote, in anticipation of Chet going home, that he left. What happened?

I don’t know. They’re mentally and physically weak and they couldn’t handle the pressure. Good luck to ya.

I never understand people who vote out strong physical players before the merge, because that’s what will help you keep your numbers when you guys come together.

Uh, yeah. It’s a contest, isn’t it?

You’d think that the fans of the show would have figured that out. Really, this has a lot to do with Tracy and Joel. What were your feelings about them and the decision that they made?

Well Tracy was put in a corner, so she had to dig her way out. I don’t blame her for a second for attempting it. Shame on Joel for falling for it, and falling for it after what, 30 seconds? You’ve got nothing but time out there, why don’t you go take a walk and think about it? Instead Joel, you say that you’re disappointed in me. Okay, let’s vote Mikey, done. Come on.

What is Tracy thinking aligning herself with Chet and Kathy? They just seem like walking targets.

They both kind of alienated themselves from the beginning, so I don’t think there was any other option for her. It was seven versus three in a very strong way, and I don’t think there was gonna be too much to change it that was in a good move. Joel did it, and I don’t agree with the move, nor does the millions of people across America and across the globe. Everybody seems to be consensus to the fact that it was a horrible move. The thing is is now you’re not trusted by anybody. Not only do you keep the strong until the merge, if you attempt to get rid of the strong then you look like a backstabber, which is Joel right now. Who’s going to trust Joel right now? Nobody.

Yeah really.  Well, Kathy’s one of those people who has tried out for the show like every season. What about you? Had you ever tried out before?

I tried out during the Australia season.

Oh really, so way back.

Which was the second season. It’s been a long time.

You’ve been a fan of the show since the very beginning?

I have, yeah. The first season I was in and out. I watched them but I wasn’t hooked on it. Then during the whole second season I became a dedicated fan, and I’ve seen every episode since then.

When you got to see the favorites, what was your opinion of the group they assembled? Were you excited to go up against them?

Yeah, absolutely. I thought we had a great chance against them. Joel and James were of equal ability, I thought that I had an advantage over Penner, then we had Jason and Erik to go against Ozzy and Yau-Man. It was pretty equal across the board, but I thought we had a good chance at beating them.

It’s not totally surprising since the favorites are so well known, but they get so much more camera time than you guys do. When you watch the episodes, do you see how off balance it is?

Yeah, we got gypped, man. We got gypped.

I feel like so far I’ve hardly gotten to know you guys at all.

Yeah, I don’t blame CBS. That’s what they were going for. Trying to get the fans from the past that maybe haven’t watched in a few years. Trying to recall all the fans that weren’t watching, as well as continuing to get the support from the regulars.

We can see on next week’s episode that Chet is right back to his old ways, frustrating everybody in challenges. Does it make you at least a little happy that they’re going to have to suffer with him for awhile?

Well, it would have if they didn’t switch the tribes. It’s bittersweet, you know what I mean? I want bad things to happen to all the fans in the game, but at the same time it hurts me that they weren’t able to see how strong we could have been had we worked as a united tribe.

Do you think a fan has the ability to make it to the finals? I predict it’s going to be all favorites, but I’m wondering what you think.

I don’t think anybody on the tribe of the fans has the brains to make it to the finals.

Well what’s next for you, Mikey? What are you going to do now?

I am launching a website. It’s a media website that offers digital downloads for all media platforms.

Oh, that’s really cool.

Check it out.

Definitely. I just wanted to thank you so much for your time and wish you good luck with that Mikey. Thanks.

Thank you.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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