Last night, the pressure was on for Rami and Chris on Project Runway.  Christian and Jillian had already solidified their places in the final runway show but Rami and Chris had one last chance to impress the judges.  They presented their three strongest pieces and ultimately, the judges decided to go with Rami over Chris.  It has been a rollercoaster of a journey for Chris March, who was eliminated early on only to be brought back after Jack Mackenroth had to withdraw from the competition.  He came back with a vengeance, putting up strong designs week after week, earning him the respect of his fellow designers and winning over a legion of fans.  Today, Chris spoke to BuddyTV (for the second time) in an exclusive interview.

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Hey everybody, this is Gina from BuddyTV, and today I’m talking to Chris from Project Runway. I was really surprised that you ended up being the one to go home. I just thought that the three pieces that you showed were stronger than Rami’s. What did you think about the decision?

Well, I think the judges had a tough decision. I think in the end result they just needed to look ahead and see who they thought would probably benefit more from being in the finale, and making a more interesting finale for a show that’s all about fashion design. I think that the choice of Rami was just a perfect choice.

I’ve heard that Rami is pretty well known, at least in the fashion world. So you had heard of his work before coming on the show?

Oh absolutely, and I’d seen him on Tyra Banks. Definitely familiar with his name and his designs. That’s why I was kind of shocked the first day when he was there, and I was like, “What are you doing here? You’re already successful.” He has dresses on Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Biel and all sorts of famous celebrities. I was like, “Well, do you need to win a hundred thousand dollars?”

You did get to show your work at Fashion Week and I did get to see your stuff. What did it mean to you to get to at least show the people in the room that day what you could do?

Well, it was tremendous. It was a tremendous experience. Not only of course was it seen by the people in the room, but five minutes later the entire thing was online for anyone to see. It was very surreal and fascinating, and kind of the pinnacle to a long period of work. I had thought about Project Runway every day, all day, 24 hours a day, for many, many months. It all just kind of came to this zenith, it was really wonderful.

Was being on the show something you had thought about in the past?

I’ve always been a huge fan of the show, and probably about six months before, or maybe a little more than six months before I auditioned to be on the show, I had actually worked with Jay McCarroll. I made some wigs and accessories for his Bryant Park show. I talked to him about what it was like to be on the show and everything, and I just really kind of thought it wasn’t for me. But all of my friends have always encouraged me to be on the show. They’re like, “Oh, you’re so great, you’d be so great on Project Runway.” And then I met Tim Gunn and he encouraged me to audition, so that’s how it happened.

I love the part of the season where Tim Gunn gets to visit those final designers and come to their homes. Was it surreal to have him in your home and meeting your friends as well?

Yes. I love Tim, everybody loves Tim. It was so exciting for them. They’re like, “We don’t care about you anymore, we just want to meet Tim!” They didn’t even care that I was in the room.

Do you have thoughts about Christian and Jillian being in the final three? What did you think of their work this season?

I think that Christian and Jillian are both incredibly talented. They’re both young. I think that Jillian has, of course, she has the perspective of a woman who wants to go out to the store and buy certain types of clothing. She’s really in tune with what women want. I think that Christian is definitely a little more fashion forward and European inspired, and loves the fantasy end of fashion, as I do. I think Jillian likes to make more creative clothing for every day.

Christian is such a character this season. Is that just how he is? He is just a riot to me.

Well, I think that’s just how Christian is. Though I think that most people would find, if they met him in person, that he’s Christian that you saw on the show times ten. He’s like a little tiny tornado.

What’s next for you now that Project Runway is over?

I’m taking a little time off and sleeping a lot. I’m working on different offers and projects, and things that have happened because of the show. It’s just been very exciting. Now people call me and e-mail me and ask me to do all sorts of really interesting things. It’s been an incredible experience.

You have a lot of fans here at BuddyTV. Is there anything that you wanted to say to them?

I’ve said this before, but I just never knew how I would be perceived on television. I never knew that people would just love me so much. I appreciate it, it’s so gratifying. It’s nice to know how people feel about you. That’s not something everybody gets to find out. It’s really a gift.

Thank you so much Chris.

Thank you.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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