Shifty Shellshock is a pseudonym used by Seth Brooks Binzer.  Binzer was born August 23, 1974 in Los Angeles, California.  He was the son of Rollin Binzer, an artist and a filmmaker who worked on the 1972 Rolling Stones film Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones.  The family moved to Marblehead, Massachusetts but also returned to LA after some time.

As a young kid, Binzer was fond of writing poems and later moved on to discovering the art of rapping.  During his teenage years, he was engrossed with the West Coast hip-hop scene.  Binzer eventually became a member of the 1990’s hip hop group The Whooliganz at age 15.  He got his first tattoo when he was 18.  The tattoo was a marijuana leaf, located on his right arm.

In 1995, he and Bret Mazur formed the rap core band Crazy Town, where they were both lead vocals.  They got Kraig Tayler, Kyle Hollinger, Doug Miller and Anthony Valli to join the group.  Their first album The Gift of Game was released in 1999 and went platinum.  Their follow-up album, Darkhorse, was made available to the public in 2002.  The band’s hit songs include “Butterfly,” “Revolving Door,” “Hurt You so Bad” and “Drowning.”  The single “Butterfly” was such a big international success that it was number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and number 3 on the Canadian and UK Singles Chart.  It was also featured on the movies Orange County, Herbie Fully Loaded and Something’s Gotta Give.

When Crazy Town disbanded, Binzer launched his debut solo album Happy Love Sick.  It was released in 2004 under his alias Shifty Shellslock.  It contained the single “Slide Along Slide.”  Binzer also collaborated with Trance DJ Paul Oakenfold on the song “Starry Eyed Surprise.”

He appeared on the 1994 comedy film Clifford which starred Martin Short, Charles Grodin and Mary Steenburgen.  In 2004, he was lead for the short film Willowbee, alongside Amy Smart.  He also did voice-over for the 2005 reality TV sport Shark Hunter: Ultimate Tournament Series.

In 2008, Shifty Shellshock appeared on VH1’s reality TV series Celebrity Rehab.  The show documents the experiences of celebrities as they undergo drug, alcohol and addiction treatment program.  It chronicles their journey towards rehabilitation and recovery.  Shifty is seeking help for his addiction to cocaine and painkillers.

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