It’s eviction, everybody!  After last night’s tear fest, it’s back to the reality of the Big Brother house – either Amanda and Alex or Matt and Natalie will be evicted tonight, likely never to beard from again.  Although, like Parker and Jen, there’s word that tonight’s evicted couple will also be placed in sequester.  CBS has not given any reasons why their keeping these early evicted house guests in sequester, but the speculation has run rampant.  Is CBS going to bring evicted house guests back into the Big Brother house?  Anything’s possible.  I’ll be here throughout the episode, giving you the live results as the eviction happens.

Hi, Julie Chen!  Nice leather boots.

Julie updates the audience on what’s going down, who’s on the block. 

It appears that Operation: Condor may not be a slam dunk.  Matt and Natalie might get ousted instead.  I highly doubt it. 

Alex vows not to campaign against his buddy Matt.  Matt says he’ll do what he’s got to do to stay alive.

Amanda recovers from her episode as it rains hard outside.  Matt campaigns in the backyard to Adam. They make some sort of deal.

Natalie does some bench pressing in her bikini.  Hmm.  Watching this, Allison has the idea that Matt and Natalie should go home because they’re strong, they’re eating real food, and Alex and Amanda are weak right now. 

Matt and Nat catch wind of this and Nat reaches out to Joshuah and Sharon.  Ryan and Allison are in a bit of a power position – they discuss who to vote for. 

It looks like Adam and Sheila have voted to evict Alex and Amanda.

Julie interviews the house guests and we re-hash the Amanda/Allison incidents.  No new information.  Sheila is still irrational, James is getting tagged as the hero, and Alex is bad at acting like her cares about Amanda. 

James explains his bicycling around the world and how awesome it is.  This is a big feature on James and Chelsia and their backgrounds.  They’re both pretty open and free-spirited, except that only one has been in gay porn.  Julie interviews the two live in the HoH room.  It’s mostly about James going back on his word for Matt – no one has any regrets.

It’s time for the live vote:

Adam and Sheila vote to evict Amanda and Alex.

Josh and Sharon vote to evict Alex and Amanda.

Ryan and Allison vote to evict Alex and Amanda, but it doesn’t matter.

Alex and Amanda have been evicted.

The Julie interview with the evicted couple is sufficiently awkward.

Head oh Household competition time as Julie Chen stumbles over her lines.  The comp is called “Words of Love.”  Chen will asks questions about the different quotes in the house.  The teams have to identify the author of the quote.  When someone thinks they know the answer, they eliminate another player.  The guirls go first, until only one remains.  Then the men go, until only one remains, then the last mand and woman standing face off. 

Sharon gets all three questions in a row for the ladies.  Josh gets all three right for the men, and you know what that means.

Josh and Sharon win HoH.  James and Chelsia are really happy about it.  Matt, Ryan, Natalie and Allison are not. That was a beat down.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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