One night after the frightening double hospital visit, Big Brother 9 was forced to evict two people from the Big Brother house.  Amanda and Allison returned to the Big Brother house healthy and ready to play, and with some goodwill accumulated from their worried house guests.  The eviction episodes are always boring for the first forty or so minutes, ending with a whirlwind of action – the live votes and eviction followed by the all important Head of Household competition.  Tonight was no different. 

As always, the episode began with a long ,drawn out recap of last week’s events inside the Big Brother house.  We learn that Amanda and Allison are fine, totally healthy and able to play the game.  Through various interviews and montages, we learn that James and Chelsia have grown close to each other thanks to their similar, out-going personalities.  James is actually pretty blunt when talking about the other people in the house – he says that he doesn’t like them very much and that they are all materialistic.  He’s dead on.  Chelsia is similarly down to earth – or, maybe just wants to appear so. 

Alex did not campaign against his boy Matt, but the other three house guests on the block did.  You got the feeling that Alex was simply tired of being in that house and having to be partners with Amanda.  In the live eviction, it’s a unanimous 3-0 vote.  Alex and Amanda are evicted.

The Head of Household competition makes use of all the love quotes in the house.  The house guests have to buzz in and answer who the author of each quote Julie reads is.  If they get a question right, they eliminate one person.  The ladies play against the ladies, the men against the men.  Joshuah and Sharon dominated, got zero questions wrong, and are the new Heads of Household.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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