“Bond … James Bond.”

Ever since these words were uttered on the big screen 50 years ago today, James Bond has gone on to become a full-fledged international icon: the superhero with cool gadgets, fast and shiny sports cars, death-defying stunts, the beautiful women and signature drink — I could go on.

It’s also become the longest-running movie franchise, with seven different actors portraying 007 in 23 movies.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film and to promote the upcoming one, the current Bond, Daniel Craig, is hosting this weekend’s Saturday Night Live with Muse as the musical guest. (Fun fact: Muse had once championed to get their track “Supremacy” as the official theme song to Skyfall but to no avail.)

In a series of SNL promos with Taran Killam, we get a glimpse of Craig’s less serious side. Some highlights:

–Craig admits he’s afraid of guns when Killam shows up dressed as 007. Killam then accidentally fires off the gun in his pants.

–Killam repeatedly pokes Craig’s abs.

–Craig air-guitars on top of a couch.

–Craig takes a big bite out of a cupcake, with icing left behind on his lips.

Check out the promo below:

Craig also dropped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Thursday and discussed a variety of topics, like whether he’d ever film a comedy (there’s hesitation and possibly nervous laughter), how he really wanted Adele on board to record the Skyfall theme (it was released that day) and doing his own stunts.

One thing he wouldn’t divulge is the meaning of Skyfall, which is set to be released on November 9.

Take a look at Part 1 of the interview:

And Part 2:

Can you get enough of James Bond, and how excited are you for the release of Skyfall?

(Image and videos courtesy of NBC)

Esther Gim

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV