Dancing With the Stars fans anticipated an announcement today, and they got one – but not the announcement they expected.  Eagle eyed Dancing With the Stars zealots had earmarked activity surrounding an August 20 release of some sort to mean that the fifth season’s cast of competitors would be revealed.  Instead, two new coming soon spots were released, one warning the twelve hopefuls that the “Rhythm” was gonna get them, and the other diagnosing the dozen with “Boogie fever.”   The lack of any revelations hasn’t stopped the anticlimactic trailers from generating a lot of discussion though, and it seems that fan’s nimble fingered Googling have turned up at least a few highly likely contestants.

First up is CNN anchor Richard Quest.  Quest has been spotted taking some dancing lessons for what many believe will be a turn on the ABC show.    Blog posts on CNN speak of Quest’s appearance on the show as if it is common knowledge.  Is it confirmation, or analogy?  

Interestingly enough, another person mentioned heavily in Quest’s article is also thought to be a contender for the fifth season of Dancing With the Stars, Patrick Swayze.  If this is true, it is certainly a coup for both Swayze and Dancing With the Stars.  Swayze’s athleticism and dance ability defined him as an actor in his early career.

The teaser spots do show five presumed contestants in partial silhouette.  Are these personages actual contestants, or just stand ins?  Many posters at TelevisionWithoutPity have attempted to identify the silhouettes, coming up with a few likely matches.   The one that rhymes with already known intel is Jennie Garth.  Add to her what many TWOPer’s feel strongly is boxer Floyd Mayweather, and actress and current The Young and the Restless star Nia Peeples.

Of course, the study is practically a Rorschach test at this point, since it is extremely difficult to make out any telling features, and with the exception of Garth most of the guesses are unfounded.  As for when ABC will announce its stable of celebrity competitors: “Coming Soon” remains the watch-words.  The teasers seem to indicate that the announcement may be done as part of an early pre-season episode of Dancing With the Stars.  More details as they become available.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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