Dancing with the Stars may be off the air, but that doesn’t mean the dancers aren’t keeping busy.
Bristol Versus the Comedians
The more aggressive of comedians always need a new mark, and Bristol Palin may be the prime target du jour. But that doesn’t mean she’s an easy target.

On Nov. 29, former co-competitor Margaret Cho wrote a blog post in which she claimed that Bristol had been forced onto Dancing with the Stars to help boost her mother’s popularity. Margaret stated that she heard from a person who knew “the dirt” on the Palins that Bristol was told to do the show in order to repair the teen-pregnancy damage caused to Sarah Palin’s political career.

Bristol begged to differ. On Dec. 4, she responded on Facebook with an essay about why Margaret was wrong. According to Bristol, the motivation for DWTS was to “get out of my comfort zone and try something new and challenging.” She insisted that politics and family pressure were not involved.

Politics and family did feature prominently in the rebuttal, however, in which Bristol took aim at the Palin family haters (an always required Palin defense, apparently) and touted her mother’s “bestselling book ‘Going Rogue.'” And, in typical 20-year-old fashion, she ended with a possibly unfortunate comment about “KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert.”

Bristol didn’t have to defend herself from another comedian’s attack this week. On Sunday, the host of VH1 Divas Support the Troops, Kathy Griffin, failed to garner laughs (or taste) with comments on Bristol Palin’s weight.

While Bristol herself only remarked that she hoped no one paid for the “comedy” routine, Elisabeth Hasselbeck expressed increased anger on Tuesday’s The View. The talk host referred to the jokes as “bullying” and “pathetic,” asking if such language should be stopped. No one quite wanted to condemn the jokes altogether, but all of the hosts seemed fine calling it bad taste.

They’re not wrong. But if insulting a public figure is bullying, the tabloids are in for a whole world of hurt.

Exercise with the Stars
Have you ever admired the rather amazing physiques of the professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars? If the answer is no, have you ever looked at them? They’re in rather enviable shape. And apparently they think you can be as well, even without the help of a hot ballroom partner.

Three of DWTS‘ professional dancers — Chelsie Hightower, Kym Johnson and Edyta Sliwinska — have released ballroom-based workout DVDs. The two programs, Dancing with the Stars: Fat Burning Cardio Dance and Dancing with the Stars: Ballroom Buns & Abs intend to get you some “sexy dancer’s curves.”

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be any better a dancer afterwards.

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