Nick and Vicki raced well on The Amazing Race, right up until they almost quit, leaving them with a six-hour penalty that was almost impossible to make up. Still, we have fond memories of their time on The Amazing Race. Here’s what Nick and Vicki (mostly Vicki) had to say about their journey.

We really enjoyed seeing your journey on The Amazing Race, what was your favorite part?

Vicki: Our favorite part was eating sushi – no I’m kidding! It was definitely when we were in Sweden when we did the dog sleds and the snowmobiling. That was right up our ally. Nick is like the dog whisperer and we both love to snowboard so the snow was great.

We didn’t get to see much of you in the last episode, when were you told to go to the Pit Stop on that final leg? Was it immediately after completing the Speed Bump?

After the Speed Bump it was so dark so for safety reasons we didn’t have to do all of the tasks. We enjoyed the speed bump. It was a lot of fun and we were in good spirits. We were just enjoying our last leg.

Were there any locations you were hoping you’d get to visit that you didn’t get to on the race?

Nick: I wanted to go to Italy
Vicki: I really wanted to visit Brazil or Fiji

What was the hardest Road Block and why? What was the hardest task overall?

Vicki: The hardest Road Block was the Sushi. It was almost impossible to find the fake sushi especially after a lot of it was gone. The hardest task overall was probably the wheel spinning task in Ghana. That was so hard and it was so hot.

Was it hard to watch some of the episodes? Do you think you were portrayed accurately on the show?

Vicki: It was hard and fun watching the shows. I think Nick was portrayed a lot more crude than he really was. I was portrayed pretty accurate.

Anything you were surprised to see watching the show back?

Vicki: I was surprised to still be upset about Nick making us take that six hour penalty. If we hadn’t got that penalty we really believe that we would have been in the final three.

What from the show are you most proud of? Any regrets?

Vicki: We are most proud that we made it to the top four and didn’t kill each other ūüôā We made it really far. We raced all around the world. The only regret is taking that six hour penalty. Nick should have kept going and we should have finished that.

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