After the ratings-bloating insanity that surrounded Bristol Palin’s appearance on season 11 of Dancing with the Stars, it’s no surprise that producers want to cast another political figure for season 12. And who exactly is at the top of the producers’ political wish list?

Todd Palin.

Yes, Mr. Sarah Palin, the man who was reported to have turned down DWTS for season 11, is back on the list. He’s even at the top of the list. According to E! Online, a Dancing with the Stars source claims that producers “want him big time.”

Actually, the source makes Sarah Palin out as the real target, but the producers would be OK with Todd. His response? Still unknown, but it’s not like the Palins are likely to steer away from the reality spotlight when it’s been so good to them. Not only did Bristol harness voting magic to waltz into the DWTS finals, but the whole family is currently enjoying high ratings on Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Todd isn’t alone on the list, in case you were worried that DWTS‘ political awareness doesn’t extend beyond the Palin household. Reportedly, producers also want Meghan McCain (daughter of John) or Elliot Spitzer (the former New York governor and prostitute enthusiast).

Do these “political” people count as stars? Well, Bristol did, so I guess anything and anyone goes now. We do know their names, and if there’s anything that whips Americans into a rage-fueled viewing frenzy these days, it’s politics.

Are other political figures quite as media-hungry as the Palin clan? Although many former politicians appear on news programs (and occasionally Dancing with the Stars — remember Tom DeLay?), most seem content with the lesser (and more dignified) forms of celebrity they have previously enjoyed. A Palin might be the DWTS producers’ best bet.

How many Palins are too many Palins? You might want to pick a high number. There are a lot of them. And it may be another Palin who continues the quest for that ultimate political prize: the Mirror Ball trophy.

What do you think? Would you be excited to watch Todd Palin on Dancing with the Stars? What about a different political figure? Let us know in the comments!

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