Once I got past what is possibly the weirdest two minutes in CSI history–that’d be that slow-motion freeze-frame whatever-it’s-called that was amazing only for the first thirty seconds–I sort of figured out what they were aiming to do with last night’s season premiere: reestablish everything.

Of course, we’ve written a lot about how tumultuous the past couple of seasons have been for the show.  And I don’t think I still have to list it down.  Anyway, those changes evidently rattled everyone, and judging from Riley’s exit interview (which I honestly thought was a little out of place), something had to be done, so they did exactly that.  And no, I’m not thinking of Sara Grissom’s return.

It’ll take me a while to call her that.  Sara Grissom.

So that’s one thing settled–a more definite conclusion to the GSR storyline.  Got that.  Now to the lab, and the noticeable shuffle: with Catherine at the top, and Nick finally becoming the Catherine of the season, I can’t help but think Langston will become this season’s Nick.  Never mind that his progress in between the last season finale and last night feels rushed–well, it had to happen.  A band-aid effort to reestablish the characters, but I’ll take that rather than nothing every time.

You might’ve also noticed that Liz Vassey and David Berman have been promoted to full-time cast members, getting their own names on the opening titles, so this evolution isn’t over yet.  While we’ve had a sense that Wendy will be promoted to a CSI–and the opportunities for a romantic storyline with Hodges–I was a bit surprised that David is going that way, too.  Still, I’m glad there’s some recognition.

As for Greg, well, he does seem to have a point–he is being forgotten!  I can understand why he’s lamenting the way he’s treated.  But, of course, this will go somewhere.

Being on the air for ten years isn’t a joke, and this shake-up–a really long one–was a bit overdue.  Maybe the way they did it last night was a bit iffy, but if only to provide some stability to a seriously rattled show, then I’ll take it anytime.  Sure, there’ll be fans who lament the changes and yearn for the good old days, but I, for one, will still be watching.  Then again, I’ve always been an optimist for how this show will unfold with all these changes.

That cliffhanger?  Must be the serial killer.  (I mean, if you look at the slideshow for next week’s episode, take note that the victim’s intestines have been tied to a knot, or so they say.)  And, since Sara’s married, fans might have something to look for, even temporary.  Grissom’s returning, right?

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Henrik Batallones

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