Bones came back with a vengeance last week, considering last season’s finale which left a lot of fans somewhat disappointed for not living up to its promise that Booth and Brennan will finally do the deed, and it looks like the fifth season is all about toying with their emotions and how they feel about each other now that Booth said the L word, albeit jokingly.

It’s a pretty exciting ongoing theme for season 5 simply because both Booth and Brennan have different approaches when it comes to dealing with their feelings, and it also doesn’t help that there’s a bunch of changes they have to face with the aftermath of Booth’s brain surgery.

“I can tell you in general she’s going to cope the way she copes with everything in life, which is very irrationally and using her big brain instead of her heart,” Bones series creator Hart Hanson told of Emily Deschanel‘s Brennan, adding that “We started getting into the details of it. But you know what we said about from the beginning about Brennan is that she doesn’t lack emotions, quite the contrary she’s extremely emotional she just learned early in her life that things were easier for her if she wrapped her emotions very tightly in an armor of intellect and rationalization. That is – that’s what has to be got through for these two people to get closer. That’s the process we’re going through.”

Compared to Brennan, Booth is more intuitive in his methods and appears to be more confident in expressing his feelings though I doubt that we’ll soon be hearing anymore declarations of feelings in the near future. At least, Brennan is gradually coming to terms with the fact that she wants to open up to Booth and believe in love. Fans will just have to stay tuned to find out if and when that happens.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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