It doesn’t take a genius to know that Brennan is meant to be with Booth though it does take a psych, specifically one that’s named Avalon, to make Brennan realize that. Well, sort of. At least Brennan now knows that she’s capable of being loved, right?

Bones kicks off its fifth season with a satisfying premiere that leaves the door open for a lot of possibilities. The case, as mentioned in my preview article, revolves around a mass grave located under a fountain— as predicted by Angela’s psychic Avalon (Cyndi Lauper), who naturally becomes the main suspect for being the person who leads them to 12 bodies. As it turns out, however, a former cult leader is to blame for the murders.

While the case alone is interesting, Booth and Brennan’s relationship is really what’s makes the season opener good TV. Again thanks to Avalon and Sweets, we learn that Booth is still struggling with his identity after coming out of a coma and now he’s stuck with some feelings, which seems to have surfaced in the aftermath of his very realistic fantasy during his comatose state in which he and Brennan were happily married.

The best part, however, is witnessing Booth telling Brennan that he loves her, though in a friendly, professional kind of way. While he cleverly plays with his words, it gives you a clue that he does mean it (especially since he’s been gathering enough courage to tell her throughout the entire episode). And now that I’ve seen Brennan’s reaction, I bet she’d take it well if and when Booth decides to tell her that he loves her in a non friendly, professional kind of way. Until then, I’m banking on Avalon’s cards that this will all work out eventually.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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